Updates from the Moved By Love family | December 2015
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Being the change, changes the being

About 35 friends gathered at the ESI Sughad campus for the 3-day MBL Head-Hands-Heart retreat. Rooted in love and service, participants and volunteers explored the roots, soil and fruits of their own life tree — people who have inspired them, the fruits they have offered and how it all changed them.
Kindness + Gratitude - It’s Kinda fun! Co-created by Service Space volunteers, Kinditude is a fun board game that helps parents, teachers and children to practice kindness and gratefulness and spread love everywhere!
Mihir was one amongst many who were getting ready to board the train. As the train approached the rush of passengers to alight and board the train, created a lot of conflict. Everything changed when a tea-seller entered the coach. Read on to find more on what happened on this amazing train journey.

'Proteins for the soul'

Small gifts, big impact, true feelings, deep gratitude, tiny gestures and uncontrollable tears. An experience, a space where she wants to be permanently trapped. Vandanaa shares her experience of a recent retreat in this beautiful poem.

'A letter after being moved'

What do MBL retreat participants takeaway? Saboo shares how he observed the magic of all the love he experienced during the retreat change him and his relationship with himself and his environment. The ripples are in motion.
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Get Local
Seva Cafe: Volunteer or visit the Gift Economy restaurant in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai. RSVP.

Awakin Gatherings: Several groups sit for an hour of meditation in cities across India. Join them here.

Moved By Love Retreat: Join us for the next 3-day gathering and/or the next 3-day Startup Service gathering in December.

Maitri Tunes: Sheetal Sanghvi shares a song rooted in values with the eco-system. Click here to sign up.
To hear about local events in your city, email us at dosti@movedbylove.org

Video: Surrender “Everything happens for a reason. Nature always supports.” Surrender, a beautiful story centered around the theme of letting go — from the Story Listeners Project

Photos from the MBL November retreat: Some magical moments captured during the last 3-day Head-Hands-Heart retreat.
"The fragrance remains on the hand that gives the rose" Mahatma Gandhi