Updates from the Moved By Love family | February 2014
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Good in me bows to Good in you

55 path creators from across the world gathered for 4 days to honor the spirit of Gandhi on his 66th death anniversary. Held together through ties of noble kinship or Maitri, they together explored and bowed to the Good in each other
30 Days, 30 Ways - a month long fellowship where participants will witness, explore & engage with the service journeys of diverse folks in the Gandhi Ashram ecosystem while simultaneously engaging in practices rooted in kindness, gratitude, sanitation, stillness & simplicity and small acts with great Love.
To hold another person in your arms in an everyday gesture, but such a beautiful one! Friends in Pune, Mumbai and Delhi connected with people through hugs and random acts of kindness. What they experienced was a feeling of oneness; a feeling of Vasudeva Kutumbakam. 

A little bit of me is what you need and a little bit of you is what I need. 7 friends came together and created a little magic by facilitating just that with The Free Store

'Karma Kitchen in Kochi'

Earlier in January, at the Giftival that was held in Kochi, the spirit of Gift manifested itself in an impromptu Karma Kitchen when a restaurant owner gifted his cafe!

'A Pilgrimage'

We are not human DO-ings; we are human BE-ings. Harsh shares how these precious words of wisdom and the support of many ladders held him and helped him just BE and spread a lot of kindness during his 15 day journey on Jagriti Yatra.
"What only matters is whether I chose to walk away or whether I chose to engage." Experience through his words a little of that one Friday evening that changed Sanjay for life!
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Get Local
Startup Service: Looking to initiate a project in your community driven by the principles of Inner Transformation? Join us on February 14-15-16. Details here.

Karma Kitchen: Volunteer or visit the Gift Economy restaurant in
Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai. RSVP.

Awakin Gatherings: Several groups sit for an hour of meditation in cities across India. Join them here.

Moved By Love Retreat: Join us for the next 3 day gathering in March. 
To hear about local events in your city, email us at dosti@movedbylove.org

Video: "We are all one, I always believed. But then what should I do to continuously feel it?" Exploring the journey of "Who should I BE?"

Profiles: Tick, tock, tick tock; says the clock. What time is it now? The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here. And the way to be happy, is to make people happy. 
Tick, tock, tick, tock. Shrutiben is creating a little heaven right here. 

Photos: "You're the blessings that exist, the small things that are bliss, the gift to realize that everything is a gift." A few snapshots of the micro-moments of love captured over the 4-day Gandhi 3.0 gathering.
"Hands that help are as holy as the lips that pray"