Updates from the Moved By Love family | February 2015
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Suchita Sangam

When we truly empty ourselves, the universe fills us with it.

Volunteers of Moved by Love spent 2 days in the recent Suchita Sangam retreat. Two days of nourishing each other by coming together, observing certain practices and connecting with their own inner purity.
After spending 7 months on a journey of service, Sheetal ben is now taking fellow pilgrims on their own Bhaav Yatras. In the first one, she and Rose go on a yatra to Somaj-Delwada, the last village of Gujarat.
A friend's desire to serve the homeless, beautifully manifested itself into paper gifts made with love and offered in the spirit of wisdom crafts.  

As she was offering her love by painting a public wall, Priya received love and blessing from a very unexpected visitor. She shares the experience of that morning in the story of the mural and homeless man.

'Co-create Art with Drishti Foundation'

Last month Lahar found a beautiful opportunity serve those who are continuously serving others. A co-create art session where art led people to explore their personal needs of love and care.

'Experiments with giving food in Bangalore'

Pooja shares her reflection on how serving food to people on the street, led her to understand the true meaning of "Doing small things with great love"
While decorating the walls of Karunashray with love and cheer, Smreeti and her friends shared cups of love with cancer patients. Soon they realised that each cup was adding to the sweetness of their own life. 
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Mr Toilet's Baby toilet:  "Friends in high school teased him by calling him 'Baby Toilet' It took few years for Jayesh Patel, to accept this avatar and be proud of it!" It was a nostalgic moment for all to see a like-father-like-son photo of Jayesh bhai in the recent Times of India story.

Tracy Cochran recently met Gitanjali in New York and wrote about what she learnt from her stories with Kat Katha.   

Profiles: "real wisdom is in all people". Neil shares colourful insights from his service journey on this forest call.

"Every moment is a gift of life"