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A joyous new year!

The new year brings with it fresh new moments - and the best way to honour these moments is through gratitude. This month, the editors couldn't help but be grateful to bring this newsletter to all friends and family of Moved By Love. We've been spoilt for choices while choosing stories for the newsletter with volunteers writing in from all over the globe. As always,each story is special in its own magical unique way, representing the life that each writer has breathed into words. We'd like to thank our readers for allowing us to be the instrument to bring them these ripples.
42 friends from diverse backgrounds gathered at the ESI Campus in December 2013 to hold a space for a special kind of generosity. One that was rooted in unconditional openness and offering in the spirit of a 'Gift' towards one another.  
Experiences of love, generosity, neighboring, un-learning and service were shared in the spirit of Mujawarah in Udaipur. Our hosts Manish and Vidhi Jain have been playing love-scientists doing local experiments on gift culture through hulchul café, footpath library, jugaad workshops and gift messages in Udaipur!  

Fernando left Gandhi Ashram and Manav Sadhna as a new person. But this “new him” was feeling insecure in a world which isn’t filled with so much peace and love. Before he knew God spoke to him, disguised as homeless man in Union Square.


'A Circle of Giving in Mumbai'

Micro-moments of transformation emerged during Mumbai’s first 1-day Maitri Space. The circle held six set of parents and their son/daughter. Bonds became stronger and emotional struggles were healed by the love held by the collective.

'Timeless Surat Smiles'

Parag and Mitaben have been nurturing an ecosystem of kindness in Surat through various spaces. A few of us recently had the pleasure of being there. Rich stories emerged as we moved from a public talk of 200 people to an awakin gathering of 30 to a cosy late night sharing of 10! It was little more than 24 hrs but the smiles were timeless
Kavita Aunty in Delhi sparked off a mini-revolution of love, when she decided to leave home on Christmas Day, to offer gifts of clothing, shoes and blankets to her community. And that's not all, inspired souls across the world have been spreading kindness and cheers all over this month! From Pavithra and Darpan & Drishti in Mumbai, to Chandani in Dubai. 
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Profiles: His smile is bright enough to light up the whole street, but Siddharth from Surat is shining more thrugh his random acts of kindness on the streets, with strangers, with family and friends and with his colleagues :)

Reflection: Through Kumarappa's book, the Economy of Permanence, Siddharth explores the questions, 'How does one design for systems based on a spirit of Service? What different questions do we need to ask? What paradigms and metrics do we need to create?

News: "Learn from India"Vipul shares his experience of one year of self-directed grassroots living & learning journey in rural India.  

Video: Here's a beautiful video from the inaugural Karma Kitchen in Surat 
"Not all those who wander are lost ..." 
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