Updates from the Moved By Love family | July 2015
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When Awakin Circle Hosts Swap Stories

Last  week, Sheetal and Sachi initiated an impromptu video conference for a few Awakin hosts in India. After a wonderful exchange of stories and reflections from their experiences of hosting awakins in their homes, everyone left the call energised and inspired. Khushmita shares the gifts of the virtual gathering.   
While working with women rescued from trafficking, many her own age, there are times when her own values get tested. Trupti shares how she slowly felt the layers of conditioning are shedding and she finds the best way to serve is to share her love.
Who is an all-rounder? Komal's ideas were completely changed after spending 3 days with the incredible girls of Dharampur, a remote tribal village in South Gujarat. From studies and sports to cooking, cleaning and farming, these girls aced at everything.

'Letter Earthlings'

In the age of instant communication, Nivendra and other 'earthlings' are keeping the post-office in business by spreading love and kindness - one letter at a time. From a student in a foreign land, a new mother to a cancer patient - their letters have touched the hearts of many.  

'Isolation Vs Community'

After a long day of work, Bhumika and her friends were faced with the task of cooking food for 20 people. Not easy, until they realised they were not alone. A simple act and an incredibly small moment of a big learning - of oneness and the power of community.
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Honouring Gifts: In memory of Dr. Arun Kumar:  A moving reflection from Ragu on Dr. Arun, a naturopath and healer, who served many in his local community before his untimely death on 11 June.

Amazing Indian 2014: Watch Geetanjali talk about Kat-Katha, her dreams and her journey as she is chosen as one of the Amazing Indians of 2014.
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