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At the December retreat in Pune, we initiated an experiment in 'trust based' funding, where people were tagged with a gift of money with no strings attached. Sheetal shares a few reflections from what emerged across cities.

Just another morning in Jaipur

Stephanie and Shammi share stories from the transformation they've seen at a public park in Jaipur. For the last few months, they've been literally 'planting seeds' with the help of volunteers in the city.

Letters to Strangers

Ashima started a revolution of love in Baroda, when she and a few other volunteers decided to write letters to people whom they didn't even know :)


Free Hugs in Baroda

The Baroda family came together to witness the magic of 'Free Hugs!' at a morning park in June. Aparna shares a reflection from the magical morning where strangers were offered unconditional embraces.

Madhur and Rajesh decided to extend their kindness to strangers on the street - offering free lifts with love, dropping people to their destinations.

6 volunteers in Pune decided to hold space for the Gift Economy Rickshaw driver, Udaybhai and ask him questions from the heart.
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Get Local
Seva Cafe:Volunteer or visit the Gift Economy restaurant in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai. RSVP here.

Awakin Gatherings: Several groups sit for an hour of meditation in cities across India. Join them here.

Wisdom Crafts: From murals to creating beautiful small gifts, Wisdom Crafts is a medium for gifting love.

Moved By Love Retreat: Join us for the next 3 day gathering.
To hear about local events in your city, email us at dosti@movedbylove.org


In the Media: Singapore based magazine, 'Tabla' recently covered Moved By Love in their latest issue.

Profiles: One of the last active disciples of Gandhiji, Dwarko Sundarani's story is a journey in 'Collective Soul Purification' out of his ashram in Bodh Gaya.

Videos: Bhumi, a volunteer from Pune decided to celebrate her friend's 23rd birthday in a very unique way!

Photos: The Moved By Love team got together to host yet another retreat out of ESI, Sughad.
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