Updates from the Moved By Love family | June 2016
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My personal story behind Maitri tunes

Sheetal and music are one. It has been his way to express and connect with the other. Maitri Tunes started 2 years ago with a pure intention of offering his music. Starting with a list of 50 songs, Sheetal shares how even before he reached the 5th, everyone was sending him music to share with the world. Maitri Tunes crosses all barriers of language and cultures. Here’s Sheetal personal story behind this beautiful gift.
With a heart full of love, some heart pins, little knots in his stomach and a prayer on his lips, Madhu embarked on the train to Calais where he would volunteer in the refugee camp. Jai Jagat, he said as he connected with brothers from lands far off. Madhu shares why he needed this experience.
"The love we give away is the only love we keep."
35 volunteers came together to create Nagpur’s first Karma Kitchen and Free store. Sheen shares the magic of selfless giving that she witnessed that day as boundaries between volunteers and guests dissolved and everyone felt like a family.


Planting Seeds and Serving Humanity

"To see things in the seed, that is genius - Lao Tzu." Jayesh Bhai’s kind words and confidence transformed Bharat from a drug addict to a supporter of more than 45 women. Kishan expresses gratitude for all the seeds that have been planted and nurtured.

Seva Kitchen

While having tea just outside the hospital, Khurshoo noticed many families cooking and eating a meagre meal on the road side. When he expressed the plight to his mother, she urged him to do something and Seva Kitchen was born. 2 years on, Seva Kitchen volunteers are lovingly cooking and serving meals to caretakers of patients every Sunday.
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Seva Cafe: Volunteer or visit the Gift Economy restaurant in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai. RSVP.

Awakin Gatherings: Several groups sit for an hour of meditation in cities across India. Join them here.

Moved By Love Retreat: Join us for the next 3-day gathering.

Maitri Tunes: Sheetal Sanghvi shares a song rooted in values with the eco-system. Click here to sign up.
To hear about local events in your city, email us at dosti@movedbylove.org
Journey of Viren Joshi: Heart of Service:  The seeds of service were planted by his parents and when he met Ishwar dada, the tree blossomed under his mentorship. This is the transcript of Viren bhai's talk at an Awakin Circle on his journey of service.

Photos: Silence and Celebration in Grasse  Madhu shares some pictures of the beautiful service work happening in Grasse, from his and Mukesh bhai’s recent visit.
"I am no other, but I am you."