Updates from the Moved By Love family | March 2016
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The re"love"ution

The atmosphere was filled with heartfelt songs, stories, hugs, emotions and stillness when 30 diverse individuals came together in Sugadh during the Jan Maitri gathering. “What took place over the 3 days? I don’t really know, but […] I knew that something sacred had transpired within the collective heart.”, Sheetal shares.
Sughad was alive with deep conversations and excitement even before the retreat began. Commencing with a Peace Walk and closing with the 3 steps and a bow pilgrimage; the February ‘Head, hands and hearts’ gathering saw 33 friends come together in maitri ties.
“I am glad to have the time on the cushion.” As she helps her mom transition to a new phase in her life, Jyoti found a sanctuary for her soul in Awakin Pune where she returned after many years.'.

'Sanitation on Wheels'

Since many years, Nandini van is spreading awareness on sanitation and hygiene. More than the hardware, it’s the software of this cute behicle that wins hearts and connects with local communities. Last month Joserra along with 13 more volunteers took Nandini to Chadotar, where they won all hearts.

'Fruits Cleanse, Veggies Heal'

For the past 8 years, Raghu and Nisha have been living, learning and spreading their knowledge on healthful approaches with everyone. Suchi shares a recap of Raghu and Nisha’s one day workshop on How to be your own healer? complete with delicious recipes!
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Seva Cafe: Volunteer or visit the Gift Economy restaurant in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai. RSVP.

Awakin Gatherings: Several groups sit for an hour of meditation in cities across India. Join them here.

Moved By Love Retreat: Join us for the next 3-day gathering.

Maitri Tunes: Sheetal Sanghvi shares a song rooted in values with the eco-system. Click here to sign up.
To hear about local events in your city, email us at dosti@movedbylove.org

@GivePhotos: One woman's effort to give photos to those who have never been photographed. 

Video:  Gandhian on Wheels. A beautiful video on our own Udai bhai!
Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." - Mother Teresa