Prayer For Social Change

Inspired by our friends at Symphony for Peace Prayers in Japan, we have started a humble effort to support each other through prayer. Here's an inspiring video from their work in Mount Fuji:

To connect in the spirit of such prayer, please reach out to us below. It would be a privilege for our journeys to connect in such sacred ways.

Request a Prayer

If you or someone you care about is in a time of need, please send a request below and our volunteers from around the world will be happy to pray for them.

Offer Prayers

If you are moved to pray for friends around the globe, please drop us a note. We would be delighted to work together in serving others.

You may also enjoy this Dedication of Merit song, by Rev. Heng Sure, that speaks to the spirit of our offerings:

Here are few additional links that may inspire ...

Maitri Tunes -- songs that uplift the spirit.

Brother David on Prayer -- some reflections on the heart of prayer.

More coming soon!