Ahmet Ozhan: Come, Come, Yet Again Come (Turkish Version)

This week we celebrate the spirit of mystics such as Rumi and Dada Vaswani who remind us that no matter how far we may stray from our true home, there is a voice within each of us whispering "Come, come, yet again come" and inviting us back "home" to the space of grace and unconditional love.

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This week, as part of the birthday festivities put together by his disciples and devotees, Dada Vaswani, the beloved 98 year spiritual guide to millions gave a series of soul stirring talks which went straight to my heart. Soaking in Dada's words, I felt blessed to receive such eternal wisdom and it only feels natural to pay-forward the little I assimilated from the talks to our Maitri Tunes community.

With a sprinkling of old-school phrases from both Hindi and his native Sindhi language, Dada poetically spoke about the role of silence in our lives, the need to take the pilgrimage to the "Dil ji Gufa" (cave of the heart) and of being in a deep state of gratitude, "Shukr" and of acceptance "Kabool" for all that life brings to us.

At one point he mustered all the energy he could to emphatically point to something unseen by the rest of us, and in a deep booming voice said  "The entire Universe is inside you. Go within and explore the eternal infinite that lies within." One of the things I Iove about Dada is that in matters of great spiritual import, he will enthusiastically make his point and then be quiet for a minute to let the words sink in, and then repeat the same point gently like a soothing balm. His words reminded me of a similar thought by Rumi "Stop acting so small. you are the Universe in ecstatic motion." 

Speaking about the "Cave of the Heart", Dada shared that many years ago, a a Sanyasi with long white beard came to meet his teacher Sadhu Vaswani. Having spent 22 yrs in a Himalayan cave, he would rarely come out for some fresh air and have only milk for his meals. Then he left the cave and traveled across the land where people showered their love and respect on him. On meeting him, Sadhu Vaswani enquired gently.

"You have spent 22 yrs in a cave in the Himalayas but how much time have you spent in the cave of your heart - Dil ji Guffa? He is fortunate who enters the Cave of His Heart & He sees His atma (soul) and then he sees God everywhere. This is the divine destiny to which each one of us is called! Alas, we have become wanderers. Wandering & wandering, we get tired one day and then our body falls down dead. In every human there is the seed of this Talaash (search) but we realise it only when we are going to die. But if this seed of Talaash sprouts, then we don't need anything else. One realises that he is not a wanderer but a seeker. He who enters Dil ji Guffa, he breaks the chains of Maya - the veil of matter. "

Another point Dada has been stressing repeatedly is that of sitting in silence everyday atleast twice, preferably at the same place and the same time as our time to commune with God. He shared about an enchanting cave he visited in New Zealand which was full of glow-worms that emitted a dazzling light bright enough to read a book in. However, one had to maintain absolute stillness in the cave as the glow worms would stop emitting light at the slightest disturbance." As he vividly described this scene, he left us to wonder how much more dazzling our own "Dil ji Gufa" might be with treasures untold. 

Feeling deep gratitude for such ageless pearls of wisdom from these timeless sages across the ages. 

"If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough."
~Meister Eckhart~


Ya Hazreti Mevlana

Hak dost, Hak dost, Hak dost, Hak dost, Hak dost

(Oh Holy Mevlana,
Lover of God, Lover of God, Lover of God, Lover of God, Lover of God)

Gel, gel, ne olursan ol yine gel

Gel, gel, ne olursan ol yine gel

(Come, come, whoever you are, yet again come)

Ä°ster kâfir ol, ister ateÅŸe tap, ister puta

Ne olursan ol yine gel

(Whether you are an unbeliever, you worship fire, or idols, whoever you are yet again come​)

Ä°ster yüz kere tövbe etmiÅŸ ol

Ä°ster yüz kere bozmuÅŸ ol tövbeni

(​Whether you have repented a hundred times, whether have broken your bows a hundred times​)

Umitsizlik kapısı değil bu kapı

(This door is not the door of hopelessness)

Gel, gel, ne olursan ol yine gel

(Come, come, whoever you are, yet again come)

ps: You may also enjoy the english version of the same poem by Shim Shai

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