Noori: Hor Vi Neevan Ho Fakira

The desert does not mean the absence of men, it means the presence of God. ~Carlo Carretto~

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Our friends in Kutch, lovingly share the story of a faqir named Mekan Dada and his two companions Laliyo (a donkey) and Motiyo (a dog) who lived in a small village near the desert in western India in the 18th century. Every morning Mekan dada would send them both with an empty container on Laliyo's back to the village. All the villagers would then voluntarily fill the container with food grains. Mekan dada would spend hours making Rotis (bread) from the collected grain and then he would put it in a box with two jugs filled with water on the Laliyo's back. Then Motiyo would lead the donkey inside the desert but the faqir would stay back in the village.

The donkey and dog would walk for couple hours, deep inside the desert. In those days many people would travel from one village to another and would have to pass the desert. They would quench their hunger and thirst from this anonymous offering and continue with their travels. They never knew who sent the food and the faqir never knew who received the offering. This invisible bond of love and gratitude, nourished them all.

This week's song inspires us to humbly bow down our heads by renouncing our ego if we truly wish to comprehend the majesty of God's blessings. Our life journey thus far has been possible only due to the blessings of countless such Mekan dada's. Laliyo's and Motiyo's who have nourished us in seen and unseen ways.

A similar sentiment is expressed in the words of Kabir as he reminds us to drop our ego and merge into the Divine. "Jab main tha tab Hari nahi, ab Hari hain main nahi". (When I / ego was present, Hari/ God was not. Now He is, and I am not).

May we as seekers of the Divine continue our journeys both inner and outer in simplicity, humility and surrender.

Lyrics and Translation: 

Hor vi neevan ho
Bow your head even further down (in humility)

Uccha saroon gharoor mein
There is great pleasure in holding the head high in arrogance

Kaddi naa phall paiye, fakira
But, that pleasure will never be fulfilling

Hor vi neevan ho fakira
Fakir, bow your head further down (in humility)

Paiye gaa deedar sahib da
One day you will be bestowed with His presence

Hor vi neevan ho
Bow your head further down (in humility)

Ho rabba koi meray dil diyan kadraan pachanay
Lord, if only someone could understand the deliberations of my heart

Mein sawali jinna naeen koi sawal
I am a seeker who seeks nothing

Mein jogan ban dar dar phir diye
I am a wanderer, roaming from one land to another

Koi na meriyan, ramzaan pachanay
No one can unravel the secrets within me

Mein jogan…
I am a wanderer

Chal meray naal
Come along, come with me

Hor vi neevan ho
Bow your head further down (in humility)

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