Pt. Bhimsen Joshi: Aata Kothe Dhave

"One who utters God's Name while walking gets the merit of a sacrifice at each step. His body becomes a place of pilgrimage. He who repeats God's Name while working always finds perfect peace. He who utters the God's Name while eating gets the merit of a fast." ~Tukaram~

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"Tuesdays with Tuka"

This Tuesday, we had the blessing to accompany our Maitri Tunes rockstar Prahladji on a short pilgrimage to the quiet little village of Dehu associated with revered saint Tukaram. As we walked in the lanes of the village and along the beautiful riverside where the saint most of his life, we slipped into deep states of bliss as pilgrims all around were singing and dancing to the "abhangas" (poems) composed by this 17th century mystic.

Felt wonderful to spend a day praying at his home amidst the thousands of faithfuls arriving into his village to begin their annual "vaari" pilgrimage starting this weekend. The love and devotion of the simple villagers (some from hundreds of miles away) who had come to walk all the way to see their beloved Vitthoba at Pandharpur was heart-warming.

Our host Neeti was moved to tears to see a group of blind people near the temple who were happily singing devotional songs by the roadside inviting all to join them in their ecstatic celebration of the divine.

Felt the shakti of bhakti and a deep sense of gratitude for the simple blessedness of life.​


Lyrics and translation:

Aata kothe dhaave mann, tujhe charan dekhliya
​Bhag gela, shin gela, avagha zhala ananda
Prem rase baisali mithi, aavadi lathi mukashi
​Tuka mhane amha joghe, Vitthal ghoge khare maap

How can my mind wander elsewhere, now that I have been in your presence. The grief and suffering of life have disappeared and now there is only happiness. With loving devotion I have embraced your name. Tuka says, Vitthal is the true measure of greatness.

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