Wadali Brothers: Tu Mane Ya Na Mane

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On the bank of a stream stood a high wall, and on top of the wall sat a sad, thirsty man. The wall prevented him from reaching the river, and he was desperately thirsty, like a fish.

Without warning, he suddenly threw a brick into the water, and the sound of the splash reached his ears like words spoken by a dear friend, making him drunk as though it was wine instead of water. So touched was he by these sounds that he began tearing the bricks from the wall and tossing them into the water, but then the water started to complain about having bricks thrown at it.

The thirsty man told the water:

"I have two advantages for not stopping my destruction of the wall. The first is the sound of the water and the other is that with every brick I tear from this wall, I get nearer the running water. With each brick I remove, the wall gets lower.

My destruction of the wall is remedy enough, to bring me in union with the water.
The splitting of the bond is true to my prayers, bringing me to God in just the way that He has told me to draw near.

So long as this wall remains lofty and proud, it stays an obstacle to my bowing head.
I cannot gain deliverance from the body of earth, till I prostrate myself on the Water of life.

The greater the thirst atop this wall, the quicker the bricks must be ripped.
The more love for the sound of water, the greater tearing of the bonds before it.

Drunk is he that hears the rush, while he that fails hears only the splash."

Lyrics and translation:

Rab bande di jaat ikko
Jyon kapade di jat hai roon
Kapade vich jyon roon hai lukaya
Yoon bande vich too
Aape bolen aap bulave
Aap kare hoon hoon

The Lord and the follower are the same,
Just the way clothes and cotton are the same
The way the clothes are interwoven with strands of cotton,
The same way, my Lord, you are within your follower
You say, and make him do things, You make him come to you

Tu mane ya na mane Dildara
Asaan ne tennu Rab manya

Whether you like it or not my dear
I believe You are my God

Das hor keda Rab da dawara
Asaan ne tennu Rab manya

Tell me which other door shall i knock
I believe You are my God

Apne tan ki khaak utaari
Tab ye ishq ki manzil paayi
Meri saanson ka bole iktaara
Asaan ne tennu Rab manya

I burnt my self
To reach the destination of Love
Every breath, I believe You are my God

Tujh bin jeena bhi kya jeena
Teri chaukhat mera madeena
Kahin aur na sajda gawara
Asaan ne tennu Rab manya

There is no life without you
At your doorstep i have found my shrine
I cannot bear to bow my head anywhere else
I believe You are my God

Haste haste har gham sehna
Raazi teri raza mei rehna
Tune mujhe sikhaya hai yaara
Asaan ne tennu Rab manya

Smiling i will face all the trails and tribulations
Just to live in Your shadow
You only have taught me my dear, what Love is
I have accepted You as my God

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