Billy Walsh: Loving Kindness

In an inspired labor of love project, a sixth grade classroom recorded this week's song written by their teacher, Billy Walsh as a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. and helped create an inspirational video with open source content on the web.

Click below to listen :

In 1958, at a book signing in New York, Martin Luther King Jr. was stabbed. A 42-year-old woman, Izola Curry, came up to him and stabbed him with a letter opener. Immediately, he had to be rushed to hospital. But while most were in a state of panic, onlookers noticed that Martin Luther King Jr sat still, conscious, and without any frustation or negativity. Surgeons later told him that the tip of the blade was touching his aorta and if he had so much as sneezed he would have drowned in his own blood. He refused to press any charges towards the woman, and instead referenced this episode in one of his most inspiring speeches, I've Been to the Mountain Top saying: "I want to say tonight that I too am happy that I didn't sneeze."



Aren't we tired yet
Accumulating things
Of all the pain and hate
That greed and hunger bring
We clench our hands and teeth
We hoard and hold our breath
Secure the locks and bolts
And live afraid of death

Set us free
Sweet forgiveness
Amazing grace

Aren't we weary yet
Of all the cruel names
We call the other ones
Who do not look the same
The things they choose to wear
The color of their skin
The ones they want to love
The place they worship in

Help us see
Behind the blindness
Our unity
One earth together
One human race

And all around the world
Don't you think it's odd
People pray for peace, then
Kill in the name of God
Too many sacred truths
Constantly collide
So in the holy wars
The poor are doomed to die

Bring us peace
Faith in nonviolence
Complete forgiveness
Wounded grace

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King
He told us of his dream
To end the suffering
He said that we should share
He gave all he could give
Don't mourn the way he died
Embrace the way he lived

Live the Dream
Justice - Nonviolence
Sweet sweet forgiveness
Amazing grace

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