Laboratorium Piesni: Shtoy Pa Moru (Belarusian Folk)

We need, in a special way, to work twice as hard to help people understand that the animals are fellow creatures, that we must protect them and love them as we love ourselves. ~Cesar Chavez~

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An endearing true story of an act of kindness by a soldier to a fellow "being"

Pyotr Pankratu was a soldier in the Belarussian army when he rescued a weak baby squirrel on the verge of death. Two years later, Pankratau is now a taxi-driver, but the squirrel never leaves his side.

Soldiers in Belarus found the feeble baby squirrel and brought him to Pankratau, who was their warrant officer. Pankratau took in the tiny squirrel, feeding it like a baby every four hours until it returned to health.

“He was lying unconscious under the tree. There were worms in his mouth and right eye, I took them out. However, two weeks later everything got back to normal. I fed him with baby food and milk through a syringe ... Then his teeth came out and he started eating himself. Half a year later I vaccinated and registered him,”

The squirrel, dubbed Minsk, stayed with Pankratau throughout his military service. Now, two years since the rescue, the pair continues to be inseparable. Pankratau has left the army and works as a cab driver. Minsk is never too far from him, taking up the role of assistant cab driver. Minsk keeps to his designated areas in the cab, lying in his bed on the dashboard or peeking at Pankratau through the wheel.

“I wish people were more like animals. Animals don't try to change you or make you fit in. They just enjoy the pleasure of your company. Animals aren't conditional about friendships. Animals like you just the way you are. They listen to your problems, they comfort you when you're sad, and all they ask in return is a little kindness.”
~Bill Watterson~

Laboratorium Pieśni (meaning: Song Laboratory) is the group of female songsters from Tri-City (Poland), which was created in 2013. Using traditional, polyphonic singing they perform songs from all over the world, mainly: Ukraine, Balkans, Poland, Belarus, Georgia, Scandinavia and many other places. They sing a capella as well as with shaman drums and other ethnic instruments (shruti box, kalimba, flute, gong, zaphir and koshi chimes, singing bowls, rattles etc.), creating a new space in a traditional song, adding voice improvisations, inspired by sounds of nature, often intuitive, wild and feminine.

Belarusian traditional song 'Shtoy pa moru' ('Out there on the sea') - recorded in Świątynia Dźwięku - Sound Temple in Borsk in Kashubian region (Poland).



Tłumaczenie tekstu:
Na morzu, na błękitnym morzu
Tam pływały stada białych łabędzi
Są małymi łabądkami
A skąd się wziął szaro-biały orzeł
Rozgonił stado po całym błękitnym morzu
Biały puszek uniósł się do nieba
Szare pierze opadło na zielonej łące
A kto zbierze to pierze?
Zbierze je piękna dziewczyna


At the sea, blue sea
There was a floating flock of small white swans
And where did the gray-white eagle come from?
It dispersed the flock around the blue sea
White down rose to heaven,
Gray feathers fell on a green meadow
And who will collect these feathers?
- A beautiful girl

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