Kishore Kumar: Aa Chal Ke Tujhe Main Le Ke Chalu

This week's Maitri Tunes story features a true story of a kindred spirit and fellow Awakin host. At a recent circle, she shared a touching real life incident which moved many of us and we offer it here in grateful bows to all the heart work of such humble quiet angels who walk the earth amongst us.

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"A more beautiful world is possible right now, and all we really need to do is perform our little acts of kindness and love right where we are, with what we have, to whoever is in front of us."

Here is Neeti's story in her own words:

"I had lost touch with Jyoti, a dear family friend for many years even though we stayed in the same vicinity. Very recently we were hearing about her deteriorating health conditions and I felt a deeper urge to go and meet her. As this thought came in my mind the very same evening I serendipitously met her husband in a neighborhood shop.

Taking this as a sign, I accompanied him to their house and called out to her, and she immediately recognized my voice and took my name aloud and asked me to sit next to her. After so many years many I could still feel the warmth as I sat next to her. She had lost her eye sight to diabetes, her leg was amputated, kidneys had failed and she had to go to the hospital for dialysis 3 times a week.

My last memories of her were that of a very beautiful girl and here I was seeing her losing parts of herself. The word 'aniccha' (impermanence) silently made its point loud and clear. She was just 52 years old.

After sometime I gathered myself and asked her if I could come by and read something for her. Hearing me she held my hand very tight and said, "Krishna has sent you! I have been praying so hard for the past few days asking God to send somebody to read for me." My schedule started from the next day itself. I realized she was a lonely lady and needed somebody by her side. A few Awakin members volunteered to read for her. After a few days she asked, "Could someone read in Gujarati for me?" I said that I could surely try. After I left her house, I went straight to Baa's home close by. At 90 years of age, Baa is one of our most regular attendees and ever ready to serve. I told her my plight and in a moment she agreed since she knew Gujurati very well.

We immediately started the Gujarati readings from the very next day and they both shared many Gujarat connections and stories. Each day we could see a glow on her face. She eagerly waited for us and we never missed a day.

Her birthday was nearing and all our Awakin family celebrated it with great pomp making all her favorite dishes. We invited all her friends with whom she had lost touch. She tenderly basked in all the love that was showered upon her.

Two days after her birthday we got a phone call early morning saying 'Jyoti passed away at midnight.'

We think we have time - but we never know how much time we have. We all are thankful that we did not waste any day when she was alive to be by her side. This one incident taught us to act promptly whenever and where ever kindness is needed."

Aa Chal Ke Tujhe Main Le Ke Chalu, Ik Aise Gagan Ke Tale
Jahan Ghum Bhi Naa Ho Aansu Bhi Naa Ho, Bas Pyaar Hee Pyaar Pale

(Come let me take you to under a such a sky where there is no sorrow, no tears, only love and only love lives)

Suraj Kee Pehli Kiran Se, Aasha Kaa Savera Jage
Chanda Ki Kiran Se Dhulkar, Ghanghor Andhera Bhage
Kabhi Dhoop Khile Kabhi Chhav Mile, Lambi Si Dagar Naa Khale

(Where from the first ray of sun, the dawn of hope awakes, where the darkness is transformed by the bath of moon light. Sometimes where sunlight greets us and sometimes shadows meet us. And the long journey seems to pass quickly.)

Jahan Door Najar Daudaye, Azaad Gagan Laharaye
Jahan Rang Birange Panchhi, Aasha Kaa Sandesa Laye
Sapno Me Pali Hansati Woh Kali, Jahan Sham Suhani Dhale

(Where you open skies greet you as far as the eyes can see, Where colourful birds brings the message of hope.
Born in such a dreamy place, smiles the bud where evenings go beautifully)

Sapno Ke Aise Jahaan Me Jahan Pyaar Hi Pyaar Khila Ho
Hum Ja Ke Wahan Kho Jaye Shikwa Naa Koi Gila Ho
Kahin Bair Naa Ho Koi Gair Naa Ho, Sab Milke Chalte Chale

(In such world of dreams where there is only love and love. We just go there and loose ourselves and we will not have any regrets. Where there is no animosity, no one is stranger to you and everyone will walk together)

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