Rabbi : Tere Bin Sanu Soniya

'Be With Those, Who Help Your Being,' says Rumi

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Do you remember the name of your kindergarden teacher? I do, mine. Her name was Mrs White. And I remember thinking she must be some older relation of Walt Disney's Snow White, because she had the same bright blue eyes, short dark hair, red lips and fair skin. 

I don't remember much about what we learned in her class, but my mother once told me that we used to write a lot. And I would bring back what I wrote and she would look at it and see there were so many mistakes. But no red corrections. And always a star. Sometimes even a 'Good!' scrawled in that would make my heart soar with happiness. But it worried my mother, so one day when she went in to meet Mrs White for one of those Parent-Teacher meetings, she asked her why she never corrected my mistakes. Why she never red-pencilled in the right spellings of words or pointed out grammatical errors. 

And my mother says Mrs White said, 'The children are just beginning to get excited about using words, about forming sentences. I don't want to dampen that enthusiasm with red ink. Spelling and grammar can wait. The wonder of words won't...' And maybe she didn't say it exactly like that. It was a long time ago. And what my mother gave me was the gist of what she could remember. The rest I added in. Because I grew up learning to use words with loving confidence like that. 

And it occurs to me that if Mrs White had used her red pen more precisely I probably wouldn't be telling you about this now. Which is kind of obvious but also kind of not. I look back now and think she must have been a rather extraordinary teacher- to exercise such red-pen-restraint. To allow the joy, wonder and excitement of expression flower- however faultily- like that. Because to bloom is better than not to bloom. And a bud once nipped never opens. May we all be so kind... 

I used to misspell the word "beautiful" a lot. Never could quite remember that the 'e' went before the 'a'. It exasperated my teacher in high school no end. If I was going to employ the word with such lavishness she figured the least I could do was spell it right. Eventually the e's and a's settled into their right places of their own accord. Am glad I didn't wait on them though. Pretty is easier to spell but it doesn't hold as much as you mean sometimes. 

And thanks to Mrs White I had no qualms about writing what I meant even if couldn't quite spell it out. Because Life isn't Pretty. It's Baeutiful.

Source : Kindspring.org

Tere bin,sanu sonia, koi hor nahio labhna.
Jo deve, ruh nu sakun, chukke jo nakhra mera.

Besides you, my love I won't find anybody else, who can give peace to my soul, and indulge me/ bear my whims (‘nakhra’)

Ve mein sare ghum ke vekhia, Amrika , roos, malaysia
kittey vi koi fark si, har kise di koi shart si
koi mangda mera si sama, koi hun da surat te fida
koi mangda meri si vafa, na koi mangda meriyan bala

I have visited all places, America, Russia, Malaysia. There wasn't any difference - they all had some condition. Some asked for my time, some were fascinated with my face, some demanded my fidelity, nobody wanted my demons

Tere bin, hor na kise, mangni merian bala
tere bin, hor na kise, karni dhup vich chhan.

Other than you ,no one else, wanted my demons. Other than you, no one else, will shade me in the sun.

Jiven rukia si tun zara, nahion bhulna main sari umar
jiven akhia si akhan chura, rovenga sanu yad kar
hasia si main hasa ajeeb, (par) tu nahi si hasia
dil vich tera jo raaz si, mainu tu kyon ni dasia

The way you paused slightly, I shan't forget all my life. You said, looking away "you will weep in my memory." I laughed strangely but you didn't. You had a secret in your heart. Why didn't you tell me?

Tere bin, sanu eh raz, kise hor nahion dasna
tere bin, peerh da ilaaj kis vaid kolon labhna

Besides you, nobody else will ever tell this secret to me. Besides you, no druid has the cure to my illness

Milia si ajj mainu, tera ik patra 
likhia si jis 'te, tun shayar varey shah da
par ke si osnu, hanjnu ik duliya 
akhan 'ch band si, seh raaz ajj khulia

I found today a note of yours on which you had scribbled a various couplet of Shah (poet), after reading which a teardrop fell which was locked in my eye.

ki tere bin, eh mere hanjnu kise hor, nahio chumna
ki tere bin, eh mere hanjhu, mitti vich rulnha

It was revealed today that other than you these tears of mine won't be kissed by anybody else, that other than you these tears of mine will wither in the dust.

Tere bin,sanu sonia, koi hor nahio labhna.
Jo deve, ruh nu sakun, chukke jo nakhra mera.

Besides you, my love I won't find anybody else, who can give peace to my soul, and indulge me/ bear my whims (‘nakhra’)

Source : rabbism.blogspot.in

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