Aarti Jadu & Matt Coldrick: Tera Naam Ek Sahara

This week's song and story are gentle reminders that invite us to make our daily life sacred, simply by acknowledging the presence of something or some being greater than our limited idea of a body-mind self.

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Once upon a time in a sleepy village,  there lived a landless farmer named Arun who lived a simple, slow and sufficient life along with his loving family comprised of his wife and two little daughters. He worked the fields of the rich landowners in the village and was content with whatever he received, mostly grain and vegetables in return for his services. 

Their idyllic life in the village was interrupted when a harsh drought in his region forced Arun to consider moving his family to the next kingdom where it was rumored that water was abundant and people were joyful. 

Arun decided to visit the this kingdom and see if it was suitable for his family to migrate into. After a trek of a couple weeks, he reached the borders of a small village in the next kingdom. The green rice fields and orchards laden with fresh fruits brought a huge smile to his face and relief that the trek was worth it. Even the people he encountered seemed warm, simple and hard-working giving him a good vibe.

After walking around in the village, he was tired and felt drawn to sit for a while in a quiet garden surrounding the local graveyard next to the town square. As he sat under a shady tree, his heart was happy as this felt like the right place to raise his beloved daughters.

After a short nap, he felt a strange pull to visit the graveyard. As he walked  past the tombstones, he was shocked to notice that almost all the stones mentioned the ages of the dead to be in the range of 2 years to 5 years.

He was very disturbed by this statistic as he had two young girls, and wondered what could be the matter for a majority of such early deaths in this village in-spite of it's apparent abundance because in his own village the average life expectancy was about 60 years of age.

As if in asnswer to his predicament, a grandmother who was radiant in aura and having wise soulful eyes walked into the garden. She noticed Arun's look of concern and asked if she could be of any help, and he openly shared what was bothering him.

The old lady patiently heard him out, and then smiled and said "Actually, in this village we consider only the time spent in taking God's name and remembering Him as a true measure of your time on earth. Thus when someone dies, the elders of the village will decide what age to write on his/ her tombstone based on how that person lived. This also reminds the rest of us that the only true wealth one can earn here on earth as well as take forward to the after-life is the Name Divine. Everything else you do and accumulate will be left behind. So remember Him always in everything you do and you will lead a rich, content and blessed life"



Rama Rahim Ko Bhajanevale Tere Pujari Baba
Tera Naam Ek Sahara 
Sai Naam Ek Sahara 
Tera Naam Ek Sahara 
Tum Hi Ho Geeta Tum Hi Ramaayan Tum Hi Ho Veda Puraan 
Tera Naam Ek Sahara 
Sai Naam Ek Sahara 
Tera Naam Ek Sahara 
Satya Dharma Ki Jyoti Jalane Aye Parthi Vihari 
O Dekho Aye Kunja Vihari 
Tera Naam Ek Sahara 
Sai Naam Ek Sahara 
Tera Naam Ek Sahara 


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