Marisa Handler : Humansong

Weightless I will sing, to the dream awakening, to the dance in everything, to the seed and to the spring. ~Marisa Handler~

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Marisa Handler is a well-known writer, singer-songwriter, professor, and coach. An amazing heart-centred musician and friend of Maitri Tunes, she offers us her latest song Humansong. Such a blessing to have the presence of such beautiful spirits in our community of music-lovers. In a recent email exchange, she shares how she "mid-wifed" the delivery of the Human-song, an anthem dedicated to all of humanity. 

"This is a song to all of you--a song to humans. It is a song to that within us which we think of as the light, but which especially loves the dark; that which cracks us open, shatters us into new forms, spreads our wings, and flies.

If you have forgotten the angel inside you, do lean in, my dears; she is still singing, loud and clear.

I wrote this song after returning from nine days of inquiry practice with Byron Katie.  I had spent those days steadily unpacking many of the difficult beliefs that had governed my psyche since childhood.  And I had spent the five years prior stumbling my way through a dark night of the soul.  Two breakdowns, the collapse of my psyche and my life, anxiety and depression, and the various complications--health-related, financial, relational--that came with it all.  I was in the hell realms; the fear and shame and rage seemed bottomless.  This was a journey I would wish upon no one.  But with my slow emerging--my ongoing emergence--I discovered a world truly new.  A world where freedom isn't a possibility on some karmic horizon, but rather a lived reality, available in every moment.  A world literally hewn from love, where all is reaching to support us, and the angel... well, it turned out the angel was inside me.  As it is inside all of us.  And the trees, and the wind, and the rivers.  

The angel, Beloved, is you.  Just open up your beautiful eyes."

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Angel, sweet angel 
Nothing in your way but sky 
Angel, sweet angel
Open up your beautiful eyes

Everything is new 
Sunrise and the blue
Nothing to do but fly 
Nothing to say but holy lies

Sweet angel
Dream me into your arms
Carry me right here
To the place I’ve always feared
Longed for, disappeared
Every shame sheared

Weightless I will sing
To the dream awakening
To the dance in everything
To the seed and to the spring

Angel, sweet angel
Heaven is this earth 
You are midwife, you are birth
Angel… Spread my wings and fly
Nothing to stop us
But sky

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