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"There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground; there are a thousand ways to go home again." ~Rumi~

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Carla, one of the attendees at the February Moved by Love retreat offers us a beautiful song that was inspired during her three day head-hands-heart journey.

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In our ongoing Moved by Love retreat this weekend, a participant named Anu shared a story that moved many of us to tears. She spoke about a time in her life when she would contemplate service, yet would always postpone it saying she does not have time. She came from an affluent family, and was a happy home-maker taking care of a joint family, and a young daughter. Her joy was even further compounded when she discovered that she was pregnant and was eagerly preparing for the baby's arrival.

Midway through her pregnancy, she contracted typhoid and was injected with heavy medication to treat it. At one point she was throwing up 50 times a day and became very weak. Her doctors were concerned that this will cause physical or mental retardation in her baby and strongly suggested an abortion as she was far too weak to have a normal delivery. Anu however had a different stand as having intentionally invited a soul into her family with a lot of love, she could not abort him/her. Instead of giving in to the doctor's advice, she decided that she was going to go through with this pregnancy, accept all possible outcomes, and commit 24 hours a day to serve this child in case of any disability with all the love possible.

Fast forward to 4 months later when after an intense labor, Anu delivered a healthy baby boy. To their surprise and delight, doctors discovered that there were no signs of retardation either physical or mental, as the baby was responding to all stimuli. Anu breathed a sigh of relief and sent up a prayer of gratitude. As if in response, an inner voice spoke up that "Now that you have committed 24 hours a day to serve, and your baby is healthy and needs only  few hours of your time, go and serve the children in society with mental retardation."

Anu accepted the inner guidance, and as soon as her son was 6 months old and she had regained her strength, she started volunteering at a local non profit that works with children on the retardation spectrum and has never looked back. She feels blessed that she followed her inner guidance and has found her calling for the rest of her life! 



I was moved today, by love 
I let day lead, with an open heart
Opened my eyes to see
We are are one
Just you and me
We are one

When you give, give all you have 
It always comes back, to fill you up (2x)

For the moments that we are and the time that we're in
It's you and me, we exist (2xs)

love opened up my space
loved opened up my eyes
love opened up my heart
To see (2x)

We are one
Yes, we are one

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