Bhumika Patel And Friends: Gundarshanam: Amplifying The Good

Some friends came together to craft up a labor of love song for a musician's birthday. The title of the song is itself a testimony to what they're doing. Enjoy this labor of love!

Click below to listen (you can also download here):

Songs are buoyed by the spirit of the invisible stories behind it.  This week's feature is an serendipitous friendship between Ashwin the poet, Bhumika the singer and Nimo the rapper. Last December, they met at an "inclusion retreat" near the Gandhi Ashram. For most of his life, Ashwin has been wheelchair bound but that has hardly stopped him. Bhumika used to sing professionally but for most of the last decade, she has only sung when moved by love -- sometimes while strumming her guitar. And Nimo is a rapper, who has spread songs of hope to many around the planet.  It so happened that it was Nimo's birthday this month -- and as a gift for him, Ashwin wrote up a song, Bhumika huddled up bunch of her friends, and Gundarshanam was born.

The concept of the song originally inspired by Vinoba Bhave, who used to say that there are four kinds of people -- those who only see the bad, those who see the good and the bad, those who focus only on the good, and those who amplify the good. "We should always aim for the fourth," he would say.

जो र्निमल हो मन का र्दपण
हो फिर केवल गुण के र्दशण
बरसेगा फीर प्रेम का सावन
व्रंदावन सा महके जीवन
If the mirror of one's mind is clean
You only see goodness
Then love showers like rain
And life is filled with fragrance
खोलो दिल के द्वार
और तोडो ग्रणा की दीवार
तो स्वर्ग बने संसार
Open the door to your heart
Break the walls of aversion
And this world will become heaven
जो र्निमल हो मन का र्दपण
हो फिर केवल गुण के र्दशण
बरसेगा फीर प्रेम का सावन
व्रंदावन सा महके जीवन
द्वेश न किसी से करना
बहे प्यार बन के झरना
जग पाये मुस्कान का गहना
When there is no animosity
And love flows like a river
The jewel of happiness is secured
जो र्निमल हो मन का र्दपण
हो फिर केवल गुण के र्दशण
बरसेगा फीर प्रेम का सावन
व्रंदावन सा महके जीवन

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