Nooran Sisters: Ali Ali

Ali Ali has a pathos of calling out to the Lord in deep desperation while at the same time, it has a very uplifting note based on the supreme confidence that the Lord is my father too just as he is the keeper of wild forests, so I can chant and dance through it all knowing He will be my saviour.

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(Beautiful male version of same song)

Part of becoming an adult is to see your parents as fallible people, even if they had Godlike powers to create and raise you from a helplessly dependent infant towards an independent thinker who can turn around and judge them. The hurt or anger towards parents can keep us stuck. We can move forward if knowing that parents, like us, are creatures of Mother Nature. God is the only true Father we all have.

God (a.k.a Ali) in this song, is the gardener who plants and keeps the jungles green. The wild child within us is well loved by God. We can take on any of our abusers knowing that we are under His protection, and we can move through life dancing in every stage to the chant of Ali Ali Ali Ali. If we forget this Divine love and get close to the concerns of this world, we will get contaminated, so come sing Ali Ali Ali Ali and dance on.   

Lyrics and Translation:

Mitthe paan di gilauri, 
Lathha suit da Lahori, 
Fatte maardi billori, 
Jugni mel mel ke, kood faand ke, 
Chakk chakaute jaave..

Like a sweet treat 
In a suit-fabric from Lahore
Like a kitten having fun
This Jugni meets all, jumping around
here and there in a moment.

Maula tera maali, 
O hariyaali jungle waali, 
Tu de har gaali pe taali, 
Uski kadam kadam rakhwaali, 
Ainweyi lok-laaj ki soojh soch ki
kyun hai aafat daali
Tu le naam rab da, naam saai ka
Ali Ali Ali Ali 

Lord is the gardener
Of the greenery of forests
You clap at any swearer
Knowing He (God) protects every step
Thinking like this world misleads
With useless worries of honor
Chant the name of Master and Lord
Ali Ali Ali Ali

Sharf khuda ka, zarf khuda ka,
Ali Ali Ali Ali
Ali ho, Ali ho, Chali o re chali, chali, chali
Ali Ali, teri gali, wo to chali, 
Ali Ali, teri gali, chali o..

[Sharf = Honour, Greatness]

Honour of God, Wisdom of God,
Ali Ali Ali Ali
Ali O, Ali O, she moves to you 
Ali Ali she comes to your path
Ali Ali she walks on your path

O Jugni O, patakha guddi O,
Nashe mein ud jaaye re haaye re
Sajje khabbe dhabbe killi ho,

O Jugni, O fiery kite 
Intoxicated she flies
Right left all over

Maine to tere tere utte chhaddiyaan doreyaan,

Tu to paak rab da baanka bachha
Raj dulara tu hi, 
paak rab da baanka bachha
Uska pyaara tu hi
Maalik ne jo chinta di to, door karega wo hi

I trust the strings You have
You are an innocent child of Holy God
His precious one are you
An innocent child of Holy God
His precious one are you
The worry Lord gives, He will take away
Naam Ali ka le ke tu to, naach le gali gali
Le naam Ali Ali, Ali ho, Ali ho,
Tu le naam rab da, naam saai ka, 
Ali Ali Ali Ali

Chant the name of Ali, dance in the streets,
Call Ali, Ali, Ali O, Ali O 
Chant the name of Master and Lord
Ali Ali Ali Ali
Jugni rukh pippal da hoi, 
Jis nu pooje ta har koi, 
Jisdi fasal kisi na boyi
Ghar bhi rakh sake na koi..

Jugni is like the Peepal (tree), 
that is worshiped by everyone, 
Though no one planted it or
Can keep it at home.
Rasta naap rahi marjaani, 
Patthi baarish da hai paani, 
Jab nazdeek jahaan de aani, 
Jugni maili si ho jaani.

She is following her path 
Like water from torrential rain
That gets dirty as it comes
close to this world. So will Jugni.

Tu le naam rab da Ali Ali, 
jhall khaleran chali, 
Naam rab da Ali Ali, 
Har darwaaja Ali,

Chant the name of Master Ali Ali
She goes possessed 
Calling the Lord, Ali Ali,
Each door, Ali.

Credits: Jyoti Bachani

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