Sirgun Kaur: The Music Is Always There

This week's Maitri Tunes is a joyful, uplifting reminder that no matter what our life situation maybe, the music is always there to accompany us through it all. The song ends with a beautiful chant "Sa Ta Na Ma" which represents the circle of life: SA= infinity, TA=birth, NA=birth, MA=rebirth.

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Sirgun Kaur wonderfully shares about the music that’s always with us.

“I love how music leads us into places we’ve never been before.  The Music Is Always There is a reflection on my spiritual journey, and an homage to the music that has been a constant support for me since birth.  My family moved around a lot when I was growing up, but I was always home in music.
When I discovered Kundalini Yoga and mantra music over a decade ago, I experienced how music could be used to uplift consciousness. I saw how it was not just me tuning the music to make a song, but how music tuned me in a very real sense. Each time I chant mantras, I do it with the intention of tuning to a vibration that resonates harmoniously with my Soul.
That is what this song is about. It is about moving forward, staying present, and knowing that the music of the Universe is always there to support you.
"The Music Is Always There" is the final track on an album called "Dayaal.” The creation of this album was itself evidence of the music is always there to support me. I had wanted to work with Thomas Barquee (producer) since hearing his amazing work on Snatam Kaur's albums. Her record label contacted me one day and asked me if I’d like to make an album with Thomas. Yes, please!
It was Thomas who suggested using a mantra at the end of the song. I picked "Sa Ta Na Ma" because it represents the circle of life (SA= infinity, TA=birth, NA=birth, MA=rebirth), which seemed especially fitting here.”

The Music Is Always There (Sa Ta Na Ma) 
Lyrics by Sirgun Kaur

I have been told not to dwell
There was a time I didn’t listen so well
Every time I nearly fell, the music was always there

Growth is constantly getting its way
And by Thy grace, I find the courage it takes
Praise the change that brings each new day  
The music is always there

When I feel the tears well up
Or that God has overfilled my cup
I have learned to lift myself up
And hear the music that’s always there
And sing the music that’s always there

The orchestra plays
The truth resounds
In time and space the heart has already found
We may get lost in life’s ups and downs
The music is always there 

Sa Ta Na Ma
This mantra represents the cycle of life. Sa = infinity, Ta = birth into form from infinity, Na = death, Ma = rebirth

Credits: Patrick Joshi

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