Asha: Love Will Always Heal Your Heart

"I am not really a musician, nor a musician's musician. I am more the postman. I deliver love letters!" says Asha the beautiful instrument through which this week's Maitri Tunes came into being.

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The wonderful ‘Love will always heal your heart’ was chosen as the culminating song for this year’s Global Love Day challenge over at

Our volunteer Patrick Joshi found that this beautiful mantra spoke so directly to his heart that he just had to find out more about it.  He felt that the song reminds him that there are no depths to which Love will not go in order to find us and bring us home, to healing.

In the spirit of sharing the story behind this song, Patrick contacted Asha and here is what emerged from that interaction.

Patrick: Do you get a sense that it’s only when we are truly empty that God can truly fill us with the greatest purpose, his divine will, of co-creating? 

Asha: I feel I am inspired by the Holy Spirit when I compose.  I don’t read or write music, and began to play the piano intuitively when I was 3.

Aged 5, I had visions of Jesus coming through my bedroom wall, and I fell in love with him and his way.  Over the years I’ve come to realise that my task on earth is to re-connect us to the divine through music… by appealing directly to the heart chakra.  

I never sit and wonder what tune I should create, or what idea I should manifest. When it comes, it comes - sometimes in the middle of the night!  And it comes with a feeling. I need to heal my own heart first, and feelings of love, loss and longing propel me to song. As I play my feelings on the piano, poetry and imagery come through, and then I am simply the faithful scribe. I feel that I receive my songs directly from Christ, sometimes through Mary and her angels.

I am not really a musician… nor a musician’s musician.  I am more the postman. I deliver love letters!

I never think in terms of an audience, or what might work or be fashionable.  In many ways my music is like that of a minstrel of old. I am the Grail troubadour as we journey home to God.

It is the same with my films… they manifest intuitively. There is no script before I start… only later do I see that there was a script, but not from my will!  Everything feels guided, charmed and enchanted!

I have a muse… a twin-flame. We are not together physically, but she is my source and inspiration for higher love.  Through her in my psyche, higher messages come, and I imagine her when I create, more often than not. She is Hungarian, and it was she who introduced me to a particular spiritual path here in Hungary… a Rosicrucian path.

Now I live here, in Hungary where I feel particularly inspired, coherent, clear and guided, as if there are portals here to other dimensions.

Music is the highest of the arts for a Christian pilgrim.  The message of Christ is carried best by music. Some music… like Wagner’s mythic pieces… can actually transform the blood.

We can only receive the Holy Spirit through the purified blood… this is a little known mystical truth.  It cannot come through the intellect. We are all divine beings, and my unique purpose on earth is to awaken us once again to our divinity, so that humanity can transform vice into virtue.
There is a word here in Hungary… sorsszeretet… it means ‘love your fate’.  I find this infinitely consoling! Whatever befalls us… even the greatest suffering… clears our karma and prepares us for the Holy Spirit.

'Love will always heal your heart' is a kind of 'One World Anthem'... a very happy, innocent, unifying mantra.  I soon hit upon the notion of making a video for the song, and inviting people from all over the world to be filmed dancing, drumming, kissing, hugging and playing... to express the natural child in themselves. I had many generous responses, and eventually filmed groups and individuals in Holland, Denmark, Germany, Finland and Hungary where I gave concerts, whilst footages were sent in from the UK and Spain. At concerts, I invited the audience to get up and free-dance to the song, which they all did, joyously!   

I collected scenes over 6 months, and eventually we amassed over 1200 footages, of which 120 were used in the final cut. We managed to make a joyous mini epic, which took months to film and weeks to edit. Everywhere I was invited I was offered free accommodation, so it didn't cost much to make. The whole thing was a joy and a great adventure... a summer of love!! I just have a basic camcorder and a tripod. Everyone has been so kind and enthusiastic, and I love you all!

What does it mean: 'Love will always heal your heart?' I mean that the spiritual reality of eternal life nurses, heals, renews and inspires, and that all loss, grief, doubt, fear, anger, bewilderment and pain is transformed when we are willing and able to surrender to, and accept the reality of the eternal life. It is not a concept, but a living reality... it is the true spiritual state behind our earthly existence. It is the only effective salvation for our earthly wounds.



Love is what created life
And life created loving
Somewhere deep inside the silence
Love came out of nothing
Love is God, and God is truth
And truth is peace, and peace is love
Love will always heal your heart
And take you to the realm above
Love is in the prophecies
And love is in devotion
Somewhere in eternity
There was a love explosion
Love is life, and life is here
And here is now, and now's at hand
Love will always heal your heart
And take you to the promised land
Love is indivisible
And love is what we make it
Love is in the crucible
We're part of co-creation

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