Prayer: Maitri Bhav Nu Pavitra Zarnu

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Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu:
May all beings find inner peace

Interestingly, our first Maitri Tune is a beautiful prayer offering called Maitri Bhaav by Gurudev Chitrabhanuji. Written after a period of intense spiritual practice in silence as a monk, this song captured the hearts of the entire nation and beyond. Mukesh, a very popular Bollywood singer of the 1960's lent his voice for this beautiful song which is now a daily prayer in many schools and ashrams around the world. Hope this simple Gujarati prayer touches your heart too!

The four human values (Brahmaviharas) that this prayer seeks to cultivate in its listeners are: Amity (Maitri), Appreciation (Mudita), Compassion (Karuna) and Equanimity (Upeksha).

Maitri Bhav Nu Pavitra Zarnu

Maitri bhaav nu pavitra jharnu, mujh haiya ma vahya kare
Shubh thavo aa sakala vishwa nu, evi bhavana nitya rahe
Amity (Maitri):
May the sacred stream of amity flow forever in my heart,
May all beings in the universe prosper, such is my cherished desire.

Guna thi bharela gunijan dekhi, haiyu mharu nrutya kare
E santo na charana kamal maa, mujh jeevan nu ardhya rahe
Appreciation (Mudita):
May my heart sing with ecstasy, at the sight of the virtuous
And may my life be an offering, at their feet

Deen kreur ne dharma vihona, dekhi dil maa dard rahe
karuna bheeni aankhon maa thi ashruno shubh stotra vahe
Compassion (Karuna):
May my heart weep at the sight of the wretched, cruel and poor,
And may my eyes be filled with tears of compassion for them.

Marg bhulela jeevan pathikne, marg chindhva ubho rahu
kare upeksha e marag ni tohe samata chit dharu
Equanimity (Upeksha):
May I be ready to show the path of Dharma to those who are lost
Yet, if they do not hearken to me, may I be equanimous to all .

Chitrabhanu ni dharma bhavana haiye sahu manav lave
ver jher na bhaav tajine mangal geeto e gave
May the spirit of goodwill enter all our hearts
May we all sing in chorus the immortal song of human concord 

I'll close with a photo from this morning, when our beloved minstrel and Vinoba elder, Arun dada from Baroda whole-heartedly and joyously blessed our musical journey.

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