Moved by Love Retreats


MovedByLove volunteers host periodic multi-day experiential retreats -- to harmonize our "hands, head, heart" orientation, build deep connections amongst each other, and reflect on subtle values that guide our acts of service. We engage in various activities, dialogues and immersions, ranging from volunteering in a village, doing random acts of kindness, meeting local everyday heroes, discussing edges of practicing selflesness and more. By collectively tuning into how each act can create an inner transformation, we hope to cultivate a shift from consumption to contribution, transaction to trust, isolation to community, and scarcity to abundance.

Date Location Event Name Join
Dec 2-Dec 5
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India Karma Yog: Joy In Action Apply to Waitlist
Dec 8-Dec 8
Auroville, India Startup Service APPLY HERE
Dec 10-Dec 10
Bangalore, India AI + Future of Relationships APPLY HERE
Dec 14-Dec 17
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India Retreat: Leading with Love APPLY HERE
Ongoing Virtual Global Pods

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Other Local Events ...
Nov 28 Patrakar Nagar, Pune Heart Intelligence & Education in the AI World RSVP
Nov 30 Ahmedabad Awakin Ahmedabad with Nipun Mehta RSVP
Dec 6 Chennai Awakin Circle (Chennai) with Nipun Mehta RSVP
Dec 7 Auroville Awakin Circle (Auroville) with Nipun Mehta RSVP
Dec 9 Whitefield, Bengaluru Awakin Circle (Bengaluru) with Nipun Mehta RSVP
Dec 18 Vadodara Awakin Circle (Vadodara) with Nipun Mehta RSVP
Jan 4 Ranchi Awakin Circle (Ranchi) With Nipun Mehta RSVP

To attend our next retreat and join this collective journey of growing in generosity, please click on the registration link above and fill out the application form.

Recently Completed

Nov 19-Nov 19
Ahmedabad Europe Retreat: 'Intelligence of the Heart' Completed
Oct 2-Oct 8
Ahmedabad Crafting A New Story Completed
Sep 2-Sep 8
Ahmedabad Youth Retreat Completed
Jul 13-Jul 16
Ahmedabad Intelligence Of The Heart Completed
Blog, Photos
Mar 3-Mar 5
Ahmedabad Moved By Love Completed

Other Retreats

Archived Retreats by Date

2017: Feb (Blog, Photos), Mar (Blog, Photos), Apr (Photos), Jul (Blog, Photos), Aug (Photos), Sep (Blog, Photos), Nov (Blog, Photos), Labor of Love (+ Blog), Change-Makers, Inclusion, Startup (Photos, KK, Talk),
Inclusion Circle (+ Blog), NGO Retreat, Educators (+ Photos), Awakin Talks (+ Photos), Laddership (Blog and Photos), 10-Day Meditation, Youth, Gandhi 3.0 (Blog, Photos)

2016: Jan, Feb, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Laddership, Volunteer, NGO Founders, Inclusion, Startup, Gandhi 3.0

2015: Jan, March, April, July, August, Sept, Oct 11, Oct 23, Nov 17, Nov 21
Nov 28 (Maitri), Dec 11 (NGO), Dec 14 (Rajkot), Dec 18 (Startup)

2014: Jan (Gandhi 3.0), Feb (Startup), Feb (Awakin Talks), March, August, October, Startup, December

April, June, Aug, Nov, Dec 2013 March 2013
Bulldozed by Love
February 2013
Gifts of Gratitude
December 2012
Awakin to Giftivism
Older Retreats
Oct 2012, June 2010

Our local groups also host 1-day gatherings in various cities: Hands, Head, Heart Align in Bangalore, Timeless Smiles in Surat, One Day in Pune, Women's Maitri Space in Ahmedabad, Vinoba Maitri Space in Baroda (Nov), and a Circle of Giving in Mumbai.

Video from an Early Retreat