Gandhi 3.0 Retreat: January 15-19, 2020

What: From Jan 15th to Jan 19th, 50 love warriors are convening around Gandhi's 150th anniversary at the Gandhi Ashram in India. Established leaders, community organizers and change-makers from all over the world will collectively hold a simple idea -- if diverse people can all hold space with a focus on inner transformation, something may shift in the matrix of our inter-connection and create a field for radically innovative solutions for today's challenges. With the backdrop of 21 years of ServiceSpace and experience of more than a hundred retreats, we continue to be in service to that sacred emergence.

Gandhi 3.0: In the times of Gandhi, social action organized in one-to-many formation. One Gandhi and many of us. His successor, Vinoba Bhave, came along and built a stronger network by walking across India and cultivating one-to-one connections. Along the way, he also pointed to what was emerging: "What rises up like a fountain, will return in the form of many distributed drops." That's exactly what we're seeing now. We call it Gandhi 3.0, where Gandhi stands for the age-old principle of leading with inner transformation and 3.0 represents the many-to-many networks that are popularized by the modern-day Internet. In a sense, it's a bridge from the Internet to the Inner-Net.

History: In recent years, we hosted a handful of Gandhi 3.0 retreats, with leaders from over a dozen countries. They were deeply moving -- powerful beyond description, really. People had flown in from around the world. One person had offices in 41 countries; another had spoken to crowds of 100 thousand; one had worked with 8 US presidents; another was a Nobel Peace laureate; another from a royal family. Yet everyone came without an agenda, trusting in the strength of deep relationships. That set the field for a profound ripple effect. And it has inspired us to host the Gandhi 3.0 retreat again this year.

Who: this retreat is by invitation only. Past guests included global inspirations from remarkable Gandhians to Japan's royalty to a revered Buddhist monk from Australia. A gift-economy rickshaw driver from India could be found sitting next to Obama's general counsel who drafted the Iraqi and Afghani constitution. A Japanese spiritual leader next to a Hawaiian elder and martial arts master. A former CEO of a multi-billion company taking a walk with Nobel Peace laureate. A senior Western Buddhist nun admiring the creativity of a Nepalese artist. A philanthropist who had a personal practice giving thousand dollars a day, spoke of a priceless t-shirt while another businessman cried "first tears in 35 years". Community organizers from Spain to Vietnam to Austria were humming songs with a globe-trotting kindness rapper. The magic continues on, but what brought everyone together was an unwavering alignment with compassion as an organizing principle for life.

Where: at a beautiful and serene campus on the outskirts of Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India). It was a space built by a legendary social entrepreneur, Ishwar Patel. The week will also feature various events at the Gandhi Ashram, and other immersions with the local culture.

If you have any questions, do let us know.

Video From January 2018's Pre-Retreat Immersions:

Video From January 2018's Gandhi 3.0 retreat:

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