'Leading with Inner Transformation': Dec 6-7, 2019

In Mumbai, we are delighted to host a 1.5 day retreat to explore how we might bring the spirit of inner transformation into our workplaces, NGOs, and community organizations.

When: Dec 6-7, 2019 (Friday 2:30 PM to Saturday 6:30 PM)
Where: Navi Mumbai, hosted at Narmada Niketan (Home for the Aged)
What: Deep within, we know that compassion is the innate quality of our being. Yet, when it comes to starting a project, doing a job or running an organization, we can end up engaging with systems (e.g. financial, economic, political, social, educational systems) rooted in fear or greed. It can even make us question whether it is appropriate to lead with these values when designing a "practical" project. In this retreat, we'll hold these difficult questions together, think creatively about different forms of capital, deepen our understanding of incentives beyond money, power, fame, impact, and design with a longer time horizon.

It would be great joy to co-create this time together as we share contemplative spaces of reflection and plant seeds for co-creating more goodness in the world.

To join, simply fill out the form below and we'll get back to you. To preserve intimacy of the gathering, we intend to limit the gathering to 40 people.