Laddership Immersion: Dec 20-22, 2019

In Surat, we are hosting a unique 3-day 'Laddership' immersion, that will feature many deep-dive sessions, coupled with community events, and many interactive activities. Going beyond a retreat, it promises to be a hand, head, and heart immersion!

When: Dec 20 - 21 - 22, 2019 (Friday morning to Sunday afternoon)
Where: Surat, various local venues and circles
What: This is a three day gathering to dive into the various nuances of Laddership from the context of hands, head and heart. Apart from small-group and 1-on-1 interactions during the day, we will host an Awakin Circle with the local volunteers (heart), a public event with 1200 educators in the city (head), and a Karma Kitchen (hands).

Among the many inspirations from around the world, we will have over a dozen Awakin Circle hosts from around the country, Laddership visionary Audrey Lin from US, guest speakers like Kiran Sethi from Riverside School in Ahmedabad, Lisa Ripperger from Clarion Schools in Dubai and Lila Vasilescu from the innovative Verita School in Romania, everyday heroes like Pancho Ramos Stierle from Mexico, Ashima Goyal from America, and home-schooler Meghna Banker, and Nipun and Guri Mehta from ServiceSpace!

Context: Strong "ladders" often work invisibly, tune into the viewpoints of those they lead, and support patterns of positive deviance. Instead of planning and executing, they search and amplify; to strength the collective, they effortlessly slide from the front to the middle to the back of the "room".

Some questions we'll hold together: Whether you're working at the personal, inter-personal, or trans-personal level, how do you stay connected to the whole? What have been the most promising examples of building trust in your community? In an era of decentralized movements, how can we "ladder" ecologies of positive deviance?

It would be great joy to co-create this time together as we share contemplative spaces of reflection and plant seeds for co-creating more goodness in the world.

To join, simply fill out the form below and we'll get back to you. The retreat is entirely offered as a gift by the local community, but to preserve intimacy of the gathering, we intend to limit the gathering to 60 people.