Volunteer Role: 'Song Curator'

Maitri Tunes: Maitri Tunes is a weekly email containing a song from the various wisdom traditions around the world. 'Maitri' is the Sanskrit word for Metta or loving kindness and we hope to offer music that inspires that feeling within you. As an invitation to deepen our understanding of these "tunes", we also offer the lyrics, translations and some interesting nuggets about them.

Song Curator
We are looking for a volunteer to help us curate songs that align with the values and intention of Maitri Tunes. Additionaly also scout any story / zen parable that goes with the featured Maitri Tune to add to the richness of the song's meaning and it's process.

Details: This responsibility will require 2-3 hours per week.

If you feel your background and interests are suitable for this role, please submit a volunteer application below.

Please list your education, professional experience and other skillset.

Spirit of Service

Moved by Love offers transformation driven service opportunities. We believe that while all of our actions create external impact, its greatest ripple is in the heart of the giver itself. In that context, we practice smalls of service in the spirit of our own inner transformation.

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