Volunteer Role: 'Editor'

Newsletter: To help people stay connected to the inspiring content in our ecosystem, we offer a monthly newsletter. Every newsletter features blog entries from the Moved By Love community, news about events from around India, our favorite 'Maitri Tune' of the month, and much more. It currently reaches 8,613 subscribers.

We are looking for volunteers to help us curate all the blogs from all MBL feeds and compile the one's that best align with the theme of the newsletter. Additionally, he/she would also create and customize the newsletter to be sent out to all the subscribers at MBL.

Details: This volunteer must have attended at least one MBL retreat, served at least 2 retreats and attended at least 2 Awakin Circles in India. This responsibility would require 3-4 hours per month.

If you feel your background and interests are suitable for this role, please submit a volunteer application below.

Please list your education, professional experience and other skillset.

Spirit of Service

Moved by Love offers transformation driven service opportunities. We believe that while all of our actions create external impact, its greatest ripple is in the heart of the giver itself. In that context, we practice smalls of service in the spirit of our own inner transformation.

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