Volunteer Role: 'Application Greeter'

Retreats: Every month, MovedByLove volunteers host a 3-day experiential service retreat on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. To deepen the participant's experience of generosity, build community amongst each other, and reflect on subtle values embedded in our acts of giving, we will engage in various activities of "head, heart and hands". It could include volunteering in a village, doing random acts of kindness, meeting local everyday heroes, discussing edges of practicing selflesness and more. Ultimately, by amplifying the inner transformation element of the service process, our hope is to cultivate a shift from consumption to contribution, transaction to trust, isolation to community, and scarcity to abundance.

Application Greeter
MBL hosts monthly retreats in Ahmedabad. We believe in building relationships even before the participant has attended the retreat. In our experience we have noticed that making personal calls to each applicant builds a richer network of Maitri, which in turn facilitates the experiences for volunteers and participants at the retreats. We need a volunteer to make those calls to participants applying for these retreats. These calls can sometimes be guiding calls in terms of sharing the idea of the retreat as well as understanding the space of the applicants. Often times these calls act as ice-breakers for the participants who mostly apply because of word-of-mouth!

Details: This position is open to people who have attended at least 1 MBL retreat and have volunteered at at least 3 retreats. This responsibility will require 1-2 hours per week.

If you feel your background and interests are suitable for this role, please submit a volunteer application below.

Please list your education, professional experience and other skillset.

Spirit of Service

Moved by Love offers transformation driven service opportunities. We believe that while all of our actions create external impact, its greatest ripple is in the heart of the giver itself. In that context, we practice smalls of service in the spirit of our own inner transformation.

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