Moved by LoveMoved by Love is a portal dedicated to small acts of transformative service. Through online and local projects, we aim to cultivate decentralized communities of practice that ignite our fundamental generosity, and thus catalyzing both inner and outer transformation.

Inspired by the lives of Gandhi and Vinoba, we started with a small retreat in 2010. Those conversations organically led to a series of ongoing projects whose ripples have now spread far and wide into the world. We invite you to explore more, learn more about our organizing principles, and join us in this movement of love. Thank you for "being the change you wish to see."

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Feb 2, 2023: "Latest newsletter featuring a roundup of amazing stories and songs from our Winter season of epic circles." First Newsletter of 2023
Jan 24, 2023: "Both community night recordings are now released. Nimo circled us up at the end with - We Shall Overcome" Stories of Soul Force
Jan 20, 2023: "Gandhi 3.0 of global luminaries created 'goosebumps per hour'." View Videos/Visuals
Dec 29, 2022: "Bangalore Awakin Circle, and glorious celebration at JustBe cafe"
Dec 27, 2022: "In Pune, more than hundred educators convened to ask: how do we educate the heart?"
Dec 26, 2022: "Just completed the Panchshakti retreat, with change-makers from business, politics, education, NGO, community and media sectors -- trying to find a deeper throughline." Igniting the Mumuration
Dec 14-16, 2022: "Awakin Circles in Delhi, Chandigarh, alongside a 1-day retreat. Powerful." Ended with Sonu's Song: Ikkk Pind
Dec 19, 2022: "Prahlad Tipanya surprised us by joining our Awakin Indore circle." Joy
Dec 11, 2022: "Sister Lucy wowed us with her stories. There's no other words to say." Fishes and Forgivenenss
Dec 10, 2022: "First time ever hosting KarmaYog retreat. With 70 of us, doing hands, head and heart immersion. Such deep connections." Four Days of Zen in Action
Dec 5, 2022: "In Baroda, Gandhian elder, Mahendra-Dada, grins his toothless smiles and melts us -- and makes us all laugh!" Glimpse of a Memorable Morning
Dec 3rd, 2022: "A crew of 9 coordinators, who host Awakin Circles and Karma Kitchen in Vietnam, just landed! We're so happy to welcome our brothers and sister to their India home." Group Hug Photo
Dec 2, 2022: "TruthTalk recording is released. In-person was quite memorable, but you get a small glimpse in online release." When We Circled Up In Mumbai
Nov 27, 2022: "200 people showed up at Awakin Circle in Surat tonight. What an inspiring community, doing so many acts of kindness."
Nov 2022: "Winter is coming. We all know the drill. And it's hard to contain the joy of coming together, first time since the pandemic."

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Jun 9, 2024: 21-Day New Story Challenge -- Coming soon!

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