Circles: Start Your Own!

Lot of our work organically converges into a circle. A circle encourages inclusion, emphasizes listening, supports decentralization, cultivates "many to many" emergence, and much more. Having hosted numerous circles, in all kinds of varieties all around the world, below are some of the popular themes with links to related resources. If we can help you start one in your local community, please feel free to reach out to us.

Awakin Circles
Awakin gatherings are hosted in many cities around the world. People meditate for the first hour, engage in a circle of reflective sharing in the second hour, and conclude the night by receiving a delicious home-cooked meal. A palpable sense of gratitude and community weaves through it all.
Hosting Guide

Stories from Dubai to London to San Francisco to Mumbai.
HeArt Circles
The intention of HeArt circles is to play and doodle with art in a group to build safe spaces of deeper connection both inside and outside. The process is usually to sit in silence, then express yourself through art, and then share after that.
Hosting Guide

Stories from circle on love, infinity, youth, and forgiveness.
Kindness Circles
This typically involves a dialogue around kindness, a group reflection where all are encouraged to share inspiring stories and songs of kindness, and a kindness experiment where individuals get to put these ideas into action! The day usually finishes with a group share of reflections learned from the day.
Hosting Guide

Stories from America to Auroville.
Story "SpiriTED" Circles
Also known as "Dil ki Kahani". Small group of people visit an inspiration, and ask them about their life story. While there is an exchange of words, the focus here is on deep listening, and then recording the story and sharing it via a transcript and audio/video. Can also be held as a "guest speaker" series.
See Moved by Love profiles as examples, and this video.

Also guest speaker series, even with youth.
Maitri Prayer Circles
To spread prayers of goodwill throughout the world, we meet in Maitri Circle. We start with some silence, then hold people or places around the world that could use some prayers, then direct our goodwill in that direction through our presence, song and stillness.
More coming soon! This was especially inspired by a recent volunteer trip to Japan.
Stitch A Heart Circle
Heart pins are small ambassadors of anonymous goodwill. We come together in a crafts circle to sew heart pins, stuff them with cloth and love, and then gift it to others who would like to pin it on someone's sleeve. Connect with your inner craftivist, :) by starting with silence, then making hearts with your hands, and then giving away the end product.
Bootleg video on the making of a heart pins (and more).

Stories from Sehr, Sunita, Bonnie.
Inclusion Circle
Inclusion in the disability sector is often just about accessibility and equal opportunity. How can we step this up to honor humanity in each of us? Inclusion Circles provide an avenue to reduce the othering.
Read an invite on intent.

Stories on dilability and more. Plus KK Nepal.
Fearless Dream Circle
Also known as "Failure Club", this circle embraces failure, aspires for compassionate "moonshots" that seems outrageous or impossible (imagine Seva Cafe when it started), and builds a community of like-hearted people to support each other.
Hosting Guide

See also past invite and reflection.
Karma Meals Circle
Karma Meals is an experiment to connect with friends on the streets, over a simple meal. What originally started as giving meals to the homeless, has now deepened to just holding an open heart for cultivating deeper connections with ourselves and others.
Hosting Guide (with a video!)

Some stories from Bombay.

Awakin Kids Circle
Each kid rings a bell and everyone waits silently until they can't hear the sound of the bell. They do this around the circle. Then play in the backyard as a part of connecting with others, make food (typically pizza) to first serve their parents!
Stories from a circle in California and recent stories from Surat.

To start any of the circles listed above, locally in your community, please feel free to contact us anytime -- and we can connect you to an experienced coordinator.

Thank you for being the change you wish to see in the world!