HeArt Circle: Guide to Getting Started

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” –Aristotle

1. Understand the Intention

The intention of HeArt circles is to play and doodle with art in a group to build safe spaces of deeper connection both inside and outside. Read the blogs of past circles to get a deeper flavor:

Expression of Love What's Alive Now? Infinite Possibilities Young Heartists Forgiveness

2. Process

HeArt circle is divided into four parts:

  • Silence: 30 minutes
  • Opening circle: 10 minutes  
  • Activity circle:45 minutes
  • Circle of reflection: 30 minutes

HeArt Circle typically takes place in the evening, and starts with silence. The second part of the circle can start with a reading (it's optional) and a seed question. An Awakin passage or any other reflective passage can be used based on the theme. In the third part the participants are then invited to pick any medium of art that they feel drawn to like: clay, crayons, paint, writing a journal, quilling, music, movement etc. Participants are asked to reflect on the seed question and then use any medium to express whatever is coming up for them. One can even choose to sit in silence. Last part involves going around in circle, inviting everyone to share any thoughts from the process. The evening ends with a gratitude note and a minute of silence. The format can be flexible and you can add your own flavor to the evening depending on the local context.

3. Logistics

  • A small, quiet room where people can sit in silence. Many host these circles in their living rooms, moving aside any furniture.  
  • A coordinator who can moderate the opening circle and reflection circle. A volunteer who can help distribute the art material as per requirement.
  • Art material can vary but most likely it is useful to have coloured/plain papers, colours (crayons, water-based, sketch pen), brushes, clay,
  • Slow soothing music is optional
  • The size doesn't matter at all; even if it's just two people, it can be a very beautiful thing.
  • Post circle you can send a thank you email to all attendees. This can include highlights from the evening, links to any online stories shared, and date/event RSVP page for the next circle. Write a blog recap. It’s always inspiring for those who could not attend to hear about your local efforts to “be the change”. To share your inspiration, we encourage you to write up any highlights, stories, ripples, or aha moments from the evening. (See examples like this and this)

4. Contact Us

Once you have the above pieces in motion, drop us a note and we'll assign you a "buddy" to help you navigate through the nuances in way that is consistent with the other locations and share best-practices and documents/graphics to facilitate the logistics of a potential launch.

Please get in touch with us anytime.

Thank you for your interest in being partners in service!