Seva Cafe, Mumbai

Over the last 7 years, volunteers have come together in various cities to cook and serve a meal with love. Seva Cafe was first run in Mumbai on Jan 13th, 2013 at the Shantivan Garden: Generosity in Motion.

Since then, we have run it once a month. To stay connected about the next one, please leave your information in the form below.

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About Circle of Giving

In our society, the typical model of exchange is that money is traded for a commodity or a service. The principal glue that holds this together is fairness. At its best, both parties feel good about the exchange.

In a family, the typical model of exchange is based on giving. The principal glue that holds this together is love. At its best, all parties appreciate this unspoken bond of support and everyone contributes in their own way.

At Seva Cafe, we're experimenting in bringing the family model of exchange - or love-based giving - into the context of a typically non-family environment - in this case, a restaurant. The bigger idea is that we really are all in this life together as one big family - its just a matter of perception - and the more we open our hearts and expand our circle of love, the warmer a world we will all share.

We practice giving at Seva Cafe by serving with love simply for the joy that comes from true service, seeking nothing else in return. We offer our meals as a gift, with no prices, because we want our gift to be received as a gift, unconditionally.

Seva Cafe does not have deep funds to sustain this experiment and we'll admit that it can be at times a challenge. Our ability to give in this way is entirely dependent on whether the giving flows in a full circle. We encourage our guests to give fully, with their hearts, because we are all in this giving-experiment together and can all grow from it. By each contributing in our own ways - just like in a family - we are sustaining a love-based community - a priceless island of support in a world that's not always fair.

As we expand the Circle of Giving, we move closer toward a global family, where we each care for and carry one another. Though perhaps a distant dream, it sure feels good to begin.