Wisdom Crafts

Wisdom Crafts are value-based products that are offered on a gift-economy basis -- where there are no prices and it is upto the buyers to reflect the value of each product and pay what they are inspired to offer.

By creating a ripple of beauty, wisdom, and gifting, we hope that each Wisdom Craft will contribute to a cultural shift from consumption to contribution, transaction to trust, isolation to community, and scarcity to abundance.

Our long-term vision is to create an online platform, featuring labor of love products whose price is not only determined by the consumer but also payable in "multiple form of wealth". Till we get there, however, you can request certain products via our online form.

Latest: We've been on a roll with 21-day challenge diaries. What started with a 21-day kindness diary, has now expanded into mindfulness diary, reverance diary and more!

Photos of some of our latest product offerings ...