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We would love to have you volunteer with us.

We believe that when we give to others, we simultaneously receive through an inner transformation within our own self. In that sense, what matters isn't how much we give or how much of a splash our service creates in the world, but who we become through that very process of selfless service.

Below are some of our current volunteering opportunities. Please click on the ones that interest you and fill in the application form.

Open Volunteer Positions

Order Coordinator, for Wisdom Crafts

Since many people attend retreats and local gatherings, WisdomCrafts products are widely shared across the spectrum. Most people want to order these gifts to share or do acts of kindness in their cities/schools/localities etc. We need a coordinator who will be able to address those requests online, respond to the orders and follow up with the local WisdomCrafts team to make sure those shipments...

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Translate Wisdom Readings, for Awakin Circles

Weekly readings are often translated in other languages like Hindi. If you are proficient in another language, and are able to translate few paragraphs every week, please let us know and we would love to expose these readings to non-English speaking audiences around the globe!

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Transcribing Stories of Generosity, for Wisdom Crafts

A lot of the artists are keen on sharing their gifts and experimenting a Trust model with their creations / products. What's most amazing is the intent with which they then make those gifts. Those stories are priceless and a key part of the entire process. We need a volunteer to document those stories and help us putting them online for people to read, especially when they are browsing through ...

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Local Shipper, for Wisdom Crafts

Presently the orders are fullfiled from Ahmedabad which stores all the gifts in one place. If you are interested in being a WisdomCrafts Shipper then we could send you some stock that can be shipped locally or within the neighboring states of your residence. Courier payments can be reimbursed with bills provided.

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Editor, for Newsletter

We are looking for volunteers to help us curate all the blogs from all MBL feeds and compile the one's that best align with the theme of the newsletter. Additionally, he/she would also create and customize the newsletter to be sent out to all the subscribers at MBL.

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Translating to Hindi, for Blog

While these blogs are highly inspirational in content, many don't reach the crowd that prefers a local language in order to understand the depth of that experience. If you are proficient in another language, and are able to translate these blogs, please let us know and we would love to expose these readings to non-English speaking audiences around the globe!

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Summary Scribe, for Monthly Calls

Our call every week is recorded so that people who were not able to join the call live can also benefit from the pearls of wisdom shared on the call. This role will involve sharing highlights and key pointers shared by every caller and posting the final version on our feed.

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Application Greeter, for Retreats

MBL hosts monthly retreats in Ahmedabad. We believe in building relationships even before the participant has attended the retreat. In our experience we have noticed that making personal calls to each applicant builds a richer network of Maitri, which in turn facilitates the experiences for volunteers and participants at the retreats. We need a volunteer to make those calls to participants appl...

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Volunteer Coordinator, for Seva Cafe

Ever since the few media spots ran the Seva Cafe short film on their channels, the interest of new people to be a part of such an idea has also incrementally increased. We need a volunteer to engage with these requests online and liaison with the on ground team (offline team) and make the connections and opportunities possible.

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Online Story Teller, for Seva Cafe

Seva Cafe is a 6 day / week restaurant in Ahmedabad. The space itself hosts a lot of stories and journeys of transformations, both for the people serving behind the counter and the ones receiving the gift in front of the counter. We need a volunteer to collate these stories & rich experiences from the front and back of the counter and blog them on our feed. Selected stories from these blogs wil...

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Social Media Anchor, for Blog

We are very particular about using the right language and the right format for sharing MBL related content on Social Media. We are looking for a volunteer, who along with the social media team, can liasion with the Editorial Team and come up with inspiring content from our MBL feeds/blogs/projects and share it on Social Media in interesting ways throughout the week.

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Graphics Designer, for Moved by Love

We are looking for a graphics designer who can create beautiful images with thoughtful quotes, create collages for Maitri Tunes and in general, translate inspiration that can be converted to graphics. The volunteer should be familiar with Photoshop and have some experience with creative projects.

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Song Curator, for Maitri Tunes

We are looking for a volunteer to help us curate songs that align with the values and intention of Maitri Tunes. Additionaly also scout any story / zen parable that goes with the featured Maitri Tune to add to the richness of the song's meaning and it's process.

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If you have any specific questions, please contact us anytime.