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Posted by Bhumi Mathuria on Oct 28, 2015

​Early October on Gandhi Jayanti we organized a Seva Café at The Green Vegan Café, phoenix city mall, Pune. Aishwariya, who is a dear friend who owns the café, opened the space to us. The café is just 3 month old but Aishwarya’s trust in us was deep enough to experiment with it.

A team of volunteers got together and Abha didi took over as the chief chef to make 100% vegan menu for 80 odd guests. Wow! the no. 80 looked too big but we were all enthusiastic to go for it.We had a small circle of sharing to discuss the flow, volunteer roles and such other things. Nikhil supported the media team, creating invites and sending messages to people.  Seva café then, was no more limited to  being Aishwarya’s or my idea but became everyone’s festival. As the day came closer we had planned cooking at Sheetalben’s place.
Moments or anxiety were turned into magic - some volunteers who registered couldn’t make it. We got a little hassled until we saw completely new set of people magically walking in and managing the whole thing. 3 of our dear friends joined us from Mumbai which was a happy surprise!

We felt moments of surrender. Seva café was in the hands of the universe.

Ambika and team decorated the space and magic unfolded slowly as we served, kept clicking pictures and conversations on what it meant for all of us.

Ramesh who works at the café was moved beyond words to see what was happening and initially shy and hesitant he later gelled with everyone. There was so much happening in each corner or the room and I am sure within the corners of heart.

We ended our day with a circle of sharing were everyone’s cup was overflowing and all were one. Here is a reflection of one of our volunteers.

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