Moved By Dance @ Maitri Circle With VIDHI

Posted by krunal shah on May 26, 2020


This week we were moved. Moved out of our comfort zone. Moved out of a routine. We were moved to be ourselves. We were moved to be free; moved to express out of Joy. We were Moved By Love, with the Movements and Moments we got to share with our very special and dear Friend Vidhi !!

It does not happen often that when some make you go around the room and get you to sweat more than your Yoga / Gym instructor, instead of fatigue all that you feel is Love, Sheer Joy, Happiness, and absolutely in the lap of Bliss... That was the magical journey we all experienced this Friday, May 22, during our weekly Maitri Circle Call for a session of Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) with Vidhi.

The call started with a beautiful introduction to Vidhi's world of heArt and humanitarian work by Jaimit, which was just the beginning of getting to know how wonderful a human Vidhi is. May it be the story about receiving while sharing meals with strangers through "Meals on Wheels" or conducting DMT sessions with Cancer kids as a therapy and healing technique, each story connected us to Vidhi's soul.

The circle opened with a few minutes of silence and stillness. And even before we knew, we were already swaying to beautiful music and a soulful voice in background. For the next 40 minutes of the session we all just danced our heart out. It was an experience mystical and magical that is hard to describe in words.

Some of our Friends like Gyan felt that this was the most enjoyable movement for him of the entire lockdown period. He hasn't been happier dancing like this with an open heart ever before. Swara felt deeply connected with the inner self. Committed and grounded toward her own self. Pinkidi's single expression said it all - "Mazza Aa Gaya". She doesn't dance often and at times have her inhibitions about being looked at but today under the sky she felt free and got her foot tapping to every possible Bollywood dance steps that she knew. Lokesh felt supercharged and energetic after the session, yet equally at peace. Trishala felt her heart was full of joy and love. Kunal had a ball. Dancing comes naturally to him and he did miss even a beat - for him it was Navratri meets Ganesh Visarjan meet DJ eve - he felt elevated to a state of ecstasy and peace at the same time. For Jaimit every part of the call was a highlight. Those counts from 1 to 10 got his body to pace from extremely fast to super slow movements yet there was a subtle stillness within - A paradox of Mind and Body that he thoroughly enjoyed. Krunal got one more tool to meditate with - Dance. Past few days due he was trying to meditate but due to various overwhelming emotions he was not able to, today he danced and he felt completely at peace and meditative. And so did Raji Auntie who felt deeply meditative at the end of the process and just did not want it to stop. She expressed her deep gratitude to Vidhi for bringing her pure intentions and offering such a blissful gift in the form of Dance Movement Therapy to all of us.

And not just Raji Auntie but all of us somewhere deep inside did not want to come of the state we were in - Almost like Alice who would refuse to come back from the Wonderland.

Thank you Vidhi for extending your Maitri to us and how !! You truly embody the principle of KarmaYoga - Giving and doing selflessly, without expectation, for the joy of doing what you are doing/dancing. Now even if we walk we relate our walking speed with the Vidhi's count from 1 to 10. :)

As Trishala expressed in her gratitude remarks, we remain so grateful to our heArtist VIDHI and all our community friends who made this call possible. It is a blessing during this crucial time that we all remain connected virtually and holding each other's hands, sharing our love, compassion, and Maitri with each other. Also, a BIG THANK YOU to Trupti for putting forward this beautiful intention and make the call happen.

Thank YOU!

Looking forward to our next call ...

Hugs and Smiles,

Vadodara Maitri Circle Volunteers.

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  • Meghna Banker wrote ...

    Go Vidhiiiii....... This is soooo amazing :)) Thank you Krunal for sharing the little moments of joy and all the pics that speak more than a thousand words.. Cannot wait to be a part of the circle next time!