Moved by LoveMoved by Love is a portal dedicated to small acts of transformative service. Through online and local projects, we aim to cultivate decentralized communities of practice that ignite our fundamental generosity, and thus catalyzing both inner and outer transformation.

Inspired by the lives of Gandhi and Vinoba, we started with a small retreat in 2010. Those conversations organically led to a series of ongoing projects whose ripples have now spread far and wide into the world. We invite you to explore more, learn more about our organizing principles, and join us in this movement of love. Thank you for "being the change you wish to see."

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Feb 16, 2018: Kavita Rajavanshi shares, "Last month, me and my husband, Rakesh, were visiting our son Pratyush in Ahmadabad. Every visit t..." in Outsmarted by Love
Feb 14, 2018: Vidhi Desai shares, "“Compassion isn’t about solutions. It’s about giving all the love you have got...." in Heartist's Expression
Feb 12, 2018: Kinnari Mehta and Rupali Bhuva shares, "(this is a transcript of Zilong Wang’s talk on 13th January’18, as part of the one-da..." in Going Back: A journey of surrender, hope, love, and generosity.
Jan 29, 2018: Zilong Wang shares, ""Auroville will be the place of an unending education, of constant progress, and a youth tha..." in Startup Service in Auroville: Designing for Generosity
Jan 5, 2018: Parag and Rahul shares, " What does  it take for a tree to bear Fruits? Sun, air, water, fertile land, micro..." in Sangham Sharanam Gachhami - Laddership Retreat 2017
Dec 16, 2017: Suratvanti shares, " When God or whoever created human beings, s/he smartly placed the stomach in the body. And sinc..." in It is beautiful, when we pay it forward
Dec 8, 2017: Aban Mukherji shares, "Yesterday I gave myself a treat. I had not been in a bus for a long time so I decided to take the..." in Tagore, a young man and a schoolgirl
Nov 24, 2017: Anonymous shares, "On 7th November, 14 yatris (pilgrims) started on a sacred pilgrimage, walking the same path that ..." in Surrendering to Grace: A Pilgrim's Journey
Nov 20, 2017: Vidhi Desai and Ruchi Parikh shares, "“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness. I enjoy it when the world smiles, the ..." in The Warmth of Coming Together - HHH Nov'17

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Bhil Tribes Revive Tradition to Conserve Forest and Water
Halma is an ancient tradition of the Bhils where tribes people gather at a place to discuss problems face by the community. Halma has united tribal people in Madhya Pradesh to plant more than 11,000 trees, repaired more than 250 hand pumps and dug more than three dozen big ponds.
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