Moved by LoveMoved by Love is a portal dedicated to small acts of transformative service. Through online and local projects, we aim to cultivate decentralized communities of practice that ignite our fundamental generosity, and thus catalyzing both inner and outer transformation.

Inspired by the lives of Gandhi and Vinoba, we started with a small retreat in 2010. Those conversations organically led to a series of ongoing projects whose ripples have now spread far and wide into the world. We invite you to explore more, learn more about our organizing principles, and join us in this movement of love. Thank you for "being the change you wish to see."

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Oct 14, 2018: Varsha Soni shares, "[Recently I had the opportunity to volunteer alongside an incredible crew of love warriors for th..." in One Day Kids Retreat In Surat
Oct 11, 2018: Meera Moradia shares, "[On September 2nd a group of enthusiastic parents, kids and local volunteers birthed a small idea..." in Acts Of Generosity
Sep 26, 2018: Gayathri Ramachandran shares, ""Whatever is held and listened to will show us where it lives in the world and in us" -..." in Of Holding And Listening
Sep 21, 2018: Meghna Banker shares, "[Every Head Hand Heart retreat is a warehouse of experience and an opportunity to build my kindne..." in The Magic Of A Silent Dinner
Sep 21, 2018: Geetanjali Babbar shares, "In 2016, Maitri Meals began its journey to provide alternate livelihood to the trafficked women l..." in A New Morning To Maitri Meals!
Aug 25, 2018: Rahul Mehta shares, "A few weeks ago, a Mumbai-wallah received a beautiful piece of prayer mandala art by snail mail -..." in M-Bee-L Hive Is Abuzz
Aug 22, 2018: Parag Shah shares, "In a fortnight, we are getting ready for yet another round of Laddership circle which we have nam..." in Monsoon Laddership Circle 2018
Jul 20, 2018: Siddharth Shah shares, "As I recollect now, what a wonderful time it has been with the 5th graders every week since last ..." in From Surat To Baroda: Kindness Circles
Jul 17, 2018: Suratvanti Ashwin shares, "[We just ended another 3 day Head Hand Heart retreat in Ahmedabad. And each time I've volunte..." in Love Is The Answer :)

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Bringing Dignity for the Sex workers of New Delhi
GB Road in New Delhi is the locality inhabited by the sex workers and their families. Tahir got a chance to participate in the orientation camp organized by the Delhi based organization Pravah as a part of their Smile In turnship programme and he got the opportunity to facilitate a session about the life of sex workers at GB road.
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