Updates from the Moved By Love family | August 2015
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Three days with Gramshilpis

40 gramshilpis from across Gujarat came together for 3 days of listening and sharing. The themes across the days were inner awareness, impact and transformations. Most came as strangers and left as family. Meghna shares the magic that unfolded in those 3 days and also beautifully stitches together the reflections from all the volunteers.   
Last month the Kat katha family embarked on a beautiful journey to Sughad. Volunteers, didis and children were all moved by the unconditional love, peace, freedom and hope and a world without judgment.
Raghu was an inspiration to all of us to live life fully. Varsha recently shared his story of love, compassion and service with her students and fellow teachers at the Xujiahui Center, China.

'Compassionate Clowns'

Purvi and her friends joined the compassionate clowns in their journey to spread joy and smiles down the hospital corridors. For many it was the first time, a beginning into the world of service and compassion.  

'Circle of sharing with the boys of Ashiyana'

What do kids really want? Sometimes it is just as simple as turning up the volume and let everyone dance! Sachi held a magical 2 hours circle sharing with the boys of the Ashiyana home to know what they really want.
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Video: Life in Service:  Dwarko ji, one of the last active disciples of Mahatma Gandhi, shares about his service journey, his time with Krishnamurti, Goenka ji and Vinoba in these two beautiful videos in English and Hindi.

Compassion College: If we went to a compassionate college, what would our four stages of generosity be like? Nipun shares in this talk during an Awakin circle.
"Courage does not always roar, sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, I will try again tomorrow. - Mary Anne Radmacher"