Moved by LoveMoved by Love is a portal dedicated to small acts of transformative service. Through online and local projects, we aim to cultivate decentralized communities of practice that ignite our fundamental generosity, and thus catalyzing both inner and outer transformation.

Inspired by the lives of Gandhi and Vinoba, we started with a small retreat in 2010. Those conversations organically led to a series of ongoing projects whose ripples have now spread far and wide into the world. We invite you to explore more, learn more about our organizing principles, and join us in this movement of love. Thank you for "being the change you wish to see."

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Nov 21, 2019: Neeti S W shares, "When Sister Lucy met Pope Francis 2 years ago, she asked him for his blessings, and he turned it ..." in Sister Lucy Meets Pope Francis (again!)
Oct 23, 2019: Kishan Laddha shares, "Celebrating the journey of 14 years, 14 days and 14 hours of Seva Cafe with a gratitude circle wi..." in Seva Cafe: Gratitude Gathering On Completion Of 14
Oct 5, 2019: Kishan Laddha shares, "Our Kanchan dada would have his last journey in his physical body today evening. Firmly believe t..." in Thank You, Kanchan Mama!
Oct 1, 2019: Ragunath Padmanabhan shares, "How many ex-Microsoft employees are needed to light-bulb the change? The answer: Two. The c..." in Anahad, A Heart-Life Institute In The Making
Sep 26, 2019: Kavita Rajvanshi shares, "Dear family, I am humbled before His Grace and was moved to share my gratitude with all you. ..." in By Thy Grace
Sep 22, 2019: Audrey Lin shares, "In case you haven't seen it yet, here's a podcast Interview with Nimo ... What does it..." in Recent Interview With Nimojeeee :)
Sep 21, 2019: Sheetal Sanghvi shares, "Our connection with Dada Vaswani's ecosystem continues as their elders reach out to us for va..." in Dada Vaswani On Service
Aug 6, 2019: Trupti Pandya shares, "Two months ago I started working at a government home that has children between the age group of ..." in Love Pill
Aug 5, 2019: Rohit Rajgarhia shares, "Next MBL laddership circle begins in a few days, and the volunteers are having a great time (read..." in Laddering And BEING LADDERED In The Circle!

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IIT Builds Low Cost Braille Laptop
Researchers at IIT Delhi have developed a Braille laptop called DotBook, which can be useful for the visually impaired. The laptop has got important conventional applications such as email, calculator, and web browser. Third party apps can also be added in case needed.
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