May Peace Prevail on EarthWelcome to a portal dedicated to acts of radical generosity.

In June 2010, a diverse group of leaders came together ... just to be together. It was a powerful experience. Without much of an agenda, lot happened. Many people were in tears. Everyone felt like family, and seeds of many ripples were planted.

At that same retreat, we also launched various "giftivism" projects, so we thought of starting a portal to help us all stay connected and to share the inspiring stories with the world. MovedByLove.org is the container to hold it all.

Latest News From MBL Projects ...

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Feb 14, 2015: Madhusudan Agrawal shares, " Circle of sharing on the path " I want to go and work in ..." in Moving to mountains - Story of Mustu and Mumtaz
Feb 6, 2015: Madhusudan Agarwal shares, " "Vyaktigat shunyata samuhik purnata", we often hear these words of Vinoba, and now ..." in Shuchita Sangam Retreat -2 (Jan 30 -1st Feb 2015)
Feb 5, 2015: Lahar Mehta shares, "The NGO sector in India is a culture of its own. Personally having lived and served at the Gandhi..." in Co-Create Art with Drishti Foundation
Feb 4, 2015: Sheetal Vaidya shares, "The bhaav yatra continues. After last years 7 month yatra so many friends were asking about &ldqu..." in The bhaav yatra continues...
Feb 4, 2015: Pooja Thaker shares, "Our Journey started with a very small agenda to cook food and serve people in our area once in a ..." in Experiments with giving food in Bangalore
Feb 3, 2015: Ashima Goyal Siraj shares, "It started at a morning tea session, when a friend of mine said “For Christmas, I want to m..." in Feito com Amor
Jan 25, 2015: Smreeti shares, " "Spread love everywhere you go, Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier"&..." in A cup of Love
Jan 9, 2015: Priya Krishnan Das shares, " "I had just started work on a mural facing the road and as I was drawing on the wall at ..." in Story of the Mural and Homeless man.
Jan 3, 2015: Nipun Mehta shares, "I had met him once before. Also by chance. Last November, I was sick and my body was weak, but..." in Chance Encounter With 96-Year-Old Dada Vaswani
Jan 3, 2015: Lahar Mehta shares, "We arrived early, as the sun was slowly rising in the cold Delhi, smoggy sky. We stood outside th..." in Colors of Love: Pyaar Ka Mohalla at Kat-Katha, Delhi
Jan 2, 2015: Sheetal Vaidya shares, "Before I begin sharing about Bhubaneshwar, I wish to mention a special person – Hariji, who..." in Bhav Yatra in Bhubaneshwar
Dec 28, 2014: Meet Bhatt shares, " " After 3 steps and a bow, we invited everyone to write a word on a moved by love tree dra..." in Moved By Love Retreat - December 2014
Dec 20, 2014: Shashank Kalra shares, "This December, Youth Alliance completed three years of existence, officially. For three years, th..." in Being Present to Ourselves - Youth Alliance Retreat in Ahmedabad
Dec 10, 2014: Bhaskar Kulkarni shares, " We had a magical trip across the Desert lands of Gujarat. Jayeshbhai decided to take a group of..." in In the Deserts of Kutch
Nov 29, 2014: Abhishek Thakore shares, " Our global family came alive at Sugad last week, as young change agents from 9 different countr..." in A new approach to Sustainability
Nov 27, 2014: Madhusudan Agrawal shares, ""Once upon a time there lived an old faqir in a small village near the desert in western Ind..." in A Faqir with a donkey and a dog
Nov 27, 2014: Shashi Shekhar shares, "Dear Ones Happy Saturday :) Greeting from dil and Delhi. I am sure as the weather is cooling up,..." in Cooked by Love, A story of Kavita Rajvansh

Latest News

We had an energing Startup Service to incubate new projects. A recent example has been Sheetal Sanghvi's Maitri Tunes to spread songs that move the spirit.


Local Service

Every people across India are doing small things with big heart. Baroda hugs to strangers, Pune video of 23 acts, letter from Switzerland, a walk to a village, a very bold experiment in Surat; after Bangalore, Jaipur became the sixth city to pilot Seva Cafe, as Delhi hosts weekly Awakin meditations in people's homes. A thousand ways to practice love.


We've held eight retreats in the last year, with some exciting possibilities that rippled out through each one. Like this one in March. For stories, photos and information on joining the new one, visit our retreat page.

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