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In June 2010, a diverse group of leaders came together ... just to be together. It was a powerful experience. Without much of an agenda, lot happened. Many people were in tears. Everyone felt like family, and seeds of many ripples were planted.

At that same retreat, we also launched various "giftivism" projects, so we thought of starting a portal to help us all stay connected and to share the inspiring stories with the world. MovedByLove.org is the container to hold it all.

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Aug 20, 2016: Sanchi shares, " I never have been able to know what we are doing in the retreats, why are we doing what we ..." in ‘The Meera sang with Ektara’ - Maitri Gathering, August 2016
Aug 14, 2016: Ashima Goyal Siraj shares, "I’ve experienced that my mind is a very fearful master and my heart is not strong enough to..." in Beyond fear lies freedom
Aug 11, 2016: Kinnari Mehta shares, " On the eve of Friendship Day eve, a few of us got together to surprise the senior residents of ..." in Serving with smiles
Aug 5, 2016: Madhur Khanna shares, "I traveled in 2nd class unreserved compartment in train while traveling back recently from Vipass..." in Reflections from a 2nd class train journey
Jul 28, 2016: Khushmita Sanghvi shares, " The ESI campus was buzzing with a different energy as many of us came together in Maitri Space ..." in "It is in giving, that we receive."
Jul 28, 2016: Meghna Banker shares, "For me this re-union was clearly more than just the 100 days of Po striking back to Po 2.0. ..." in Embracing the 100th day with Po!
Jul 25, 2016: Ram Upadhyay shares, "I recently read the book "The Art of Dying" by Sri S. N. Goenka and others.  ..." in My Mother's Death, by S. N. Goenka (Gujarati Translation)
Jul 12, 2016: Khushmita shares, "[In June, various friends of Moved by Love came together in Pune to support the recover..." in When Moved by Love Friends Met Dada Vaswani
Jul 8, 2016: Sachi Maniar shares, "The idea of the Maitri Dinner was rooted in a successful Daan Utsav last October, after which vol..." in Maitri dinner magic
Jul 5, 2016: Sheetal Sanghvi shares, "[Below is a transcript of an open-mic Q&A that Dada Vaswani held in Santa Clara, California. ..." in With Dada Vaswani in Santa Clara
Jun 24, 2016: Madhusudan Agarwal shares, " So it's been 5 days in the refugee camp, so many stories that don't know where to sta..." in Why I needed this experience
Jun 16, 2016: Sheena Renu shares, "When a heart truly gives without any inhibitions bound by expectations, it attains happiness that..." in Love Grows by Giving - Karma Kitchen and Freestore Nagpur
Jun 4, 2016: Neeti Vijaykumar shares, "In Nagpur, many people from villages make the arduous journey to the main city only to visit a ci..." in Seva Kitchen - Serving meals and love to families of patients every Sunday
May 31, 2016: Anna da Costa shares, " Ye zindagi, ye zindagi, ye zindagi, Ek din tujhe daga de degi, Isse pehle ki ye tujhe daga ..." in Muhammad Anwar, Nizamuddin Auliya's Messenger of Peace

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Swachh Bharat honours Citizen Sanitation Champions
A series of short films is based on people-led initiatives focused on eliminating open defecation #FreedomFromOpenDefecation.
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