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In June 2010, a diverse group of leaders came together ... just to be together. It was a powerful experience. Without much of an agenda, lot happened. Many people were in tears. Everyone felt like family, and seeds of many ripples were planted.

At that same retreat, we also launched various "giftivism" projects, so we thought of starting a portal to help us all stay connected and to share the inspiring stories with the world. MovedByLove.org is the container to hold it all.

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Nov 20, 2015: Sheetal Sanghvi shares, " In the opening circle of our ongoing Moved by Love retreat, we posed the following question to ..." in Mihir and his train journey from Surat to Ahmedabad :)
Nov 19, 2015: Startup Service shares, " Kindness and Gratefulness are like two wings of a bird. Kinditude is a board game that enables ..." in Let's Play Kinditude!
Nov 12, 2015: khushmita shares, "A Dear participant of the Moved by Love Retreat held in September 2015, sent us this beautiful po..." in Proteins for the Soul! ~ Vandanaa Neginhal
Nov 9, 2015: Sheetal Sanghvi shares, "Just felt like sharing this touching email from a participant at the October retreat. And a deep ..." in A Letter After Being Moved
Nov 7, 2015: Aditi Bhatt shares, "I wonder how legends are made. What inspires people to say stories of great warriors and uncondit..." in Grateful for it all - MBL Retreat October 2015
Oct 28, 2015: Shrikrishna shares, "This is my personal views for the word Seva in my own term: Seva is surrender, attitude of giv..." in My experience at Seva Cafe as a Volunteer
Oct 28, 2015: Bhumi Mathuria shares, "​Early October on Gandhi Jayanti we organized a Seva Café at The Green Vegan Café..." in Seva Cafe in Pune
Oct 26, 2015: Deven Shah shares, "The division between you and me, between the giver and receiver may seem real when we look at the..." in I Am Because We Are
Oct 26, 2015: Sheetal Vaidya shares, " Next few days flew at Kolkatta and Ranjana my next co-traveler joined me. With the Kabir bliss ..." in Bhaav Yatra reaches Singhbhum - The land of lions and natural resources
Oct 20, 2015: Prarthana Sharma shares, " Life is happening each morning, setting itself towards flow… the earth is revolving each..." in Life is happening each morning
Oct 4, 2015: Rahul Mehta shares, ""Maganbhai, please meet Nipunbhai," is all I had said to introduce the two people at my..." in The Maganbhai Moment
Sep 29, 2015: Sheetal Sanghvi shares, "  "You can do no great things, only small things with great love" Last wee..." in Small is beautiful
Sep 21, 2015: Sheetal Vaidya shares, "I took a sabbatical since my last update about Bhubaneshwar, seemed like yatra halted at kolkatta..." in Bhav Yatra at Kolkatta
Sep 15, 2015: Prarthana Sharma shares, "As I sit to write today; words of knowledge, faith, trust, hope and wisdom come to me. From the m..." in The Journey Within

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Oar-Boys Who Clean the Ganga
This morning, when I reached the Rana Pratap/Mahal Ghat, I was surprised to see three pisspots neatly lined against the wall in a corner with a note, 'kindly do not pollute mother Ganges, use the toilet to relieve yourselves'.
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We've held eight retreats in the last year, with some exciting possibilities that rippled out through each one. Like this one in March. For stories, photos and information on joining the new one, visit our retreat page.

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