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In June 2010, a diverse group of leaders came together ... just to be together. It was a powerful experience. Without much of an agenda, lot happened. Many people were in tears. Everyone felt like family, and seeds of many ripples were planted.

At that same retreat, we also launched various "giftivism" projects, so we thought of starting a portal to help us all stay connected and to share the inspiring stories with the world. MovedByLove.org is the container to hold it all.

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Aug 27, 2015: Khushmita Sanghvi shares, "                           ..." in SAMATVA-MAMATVA-EKATVA
Aug 26, 2015: Trupti Pandya shares, ""The best protection any woman can have...              ..." in A woman called Reva
Aug 14, 2015: Kishan Laddha shares, "This morning, Meghna shared one of the most amazing stories about her daughter -- four year ..." in The Mosquito and The Ant - Lessons in Compassion
Aug 11, 2015: Ashima Goyal Siraj shares, "Today it’s exactly 20 months since I first landed in Luanda. It’s almost like yesterd..." in The highs and lows of volunteering in Luanda, Angola
Jul 30, 2015: Meghna Reva shares, " Last weekend 40 Gramshilpis from across Gujarat come together to spend three days of listenin..." in Three Days with Gramshilipis
Jul 27, 2015: Purvi Shah shares, "There is a group called 'Compassionate Clowns' who visit hospitals and other places to spread smi..." in Compassionate Clowns!!
Jul 26, 2015: Anurag Garg shares, "A report on our visit to Moved By Love ...  " in The Story of Kat Yatra
Jul 14, 2015: Varsha Mathrani shares, "What I chose to share today is a true story, of perhaps the kindest, and one of the liveliest, pe..." in A Brother from Another Mother: Raghubhai
Jul 13, 2015: Sachi Maniar shares, " Last few weeks, we have been trying to re-design Ashiyana, an initiative we started in the chil..." in Circle of sharing with the boys of Ashiyana
Jul 10, 2015: Shammi Nanda shares, "Yesterday evening I Went with Chitra and Ramesh to Awakin hosted by Sachi in her small room in Ja..." in Moving from Scarcity to Abundance!
Jul 1, 2015: Khushmita Sanghvi shares, "Last week, Sheetal and Sachi had initiated a beautiful call for a few Awakin Circl..." in When Awakin Circle Hosts Swap Stories :)
Jun 28, 2015: Trupti Pandya shares, "Few months back I started working with rescued women who were victims of trafficking. These femal..." in sharing my love
Jun 26, 2015: Nivendra Uduman shares, "I began using handwritten letters as a medium to spread love and kindness while I was reading for..." in Letter Earthlings - Touching Lives one Letter at a time
Jun 26, 2015: Bhumika Patel shares, "In the third week of the internship we met for reflections. Spontaneously some of the interns sug..." in Isolation Versus Community

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Making Classrooms from Old Scrapped Buses
Maharashtra government has decided to convert its scrapped state transport buses into schools for the children residing in the remote areas of the country.
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