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In June 2010, a diverse group of leaders came together ... just to be together. It was a powerful experience. Without much of an agenda, lot happened. Many people were in tears. Everyone felt like family, and seeds of many ripples were planted.

At that same retreat, we also launched various "giftivism" projects, so we thought of starting a portal to help us all stay connected and to share the inspiring stories with the world. MovedByLove.org is the container to hold it all.

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Jan 20, 2016: Ani Devlia shares, " As it happens... A couple of weeks ago, I was at the Renewal hostel (where homeless people a..." in Gift of love from London to India :)
Jan 18, 2016: Ragu Padmanabhan shares, "[Lesson From serving at a 10 day Vipassana course in Tamil Nadu.] Wake up call The alarm go..." in Panya + Punya = Shunya
Dec 30, 2015: Madhusudan shares, "We had so many circles, retreats, event in the last month ... that it was hard to keep up with it..." in Group Photos (and Videos) From Last Month ...
Dec 29, 2015: Smita Navare shares, " After attending Startup Service a couple years ago and engaging with the ..." in NGO Retreat: A Journey from Head to Heart
Dec 28, 2015: Neerad Trivedi shares, "Phulchhab has published written a beautiful article recently. Hope you will enjoy it too! " in Article in Phulchhab on S2!
Dec 24, 2015: Rahul Mehta shares, " The opportunity to hold an Awakin gathering at our home in suburban Mumbai presented itself sil..." in Dec 8th Awakin Talk at Mumbai
Dec 19, 2015: Sheetal Vaidya shares, "When collective punya becomes stronger a doorway to deepen practices open. This is what Rajkot re..." in Kalyan Mitra in Rajkot
Dec 13, 2015: Zeal Shah shares, " It all started when we met volunteers at the Surat retreat and their talks about their e..." in Smiles on the Streets of Surat
Dec 11, 2015: Mihir Kaji shares, " It all started with Parag bhai's intention to share the spirit of giftivism in our local..." in Our First Surat Retreat!
Dec 1, 2015: Aabha Gupta shares, "About 35 of us gathered for three days on November 20, 2015 at the ESI campus with an intention t..." in Being the Change, Changes the Being
Nov 30, 2015: Khushmita shares, " “The mathematical rules which are true for a small triangle are equally true for a big on..." in Maitri Milan 2015 - Connecting through Maitri, service and love
Nov 20, 2015: Sheetal Sanghvi shares, " In the opening circle of our ongoing Moved by Love retreat, we posed the following question to ..." in Mihir and his train journey from Surat to Ahmedabad :)
Nov 19, 2015: Startup Service shares, " Kindness and Gratefulness are like two wings of a bird. Kinditude is a board game that enables ..." in Let's Play Kinditude!
Nov 12, 2015: khushmita shares, "A Dear participant of the Moved by Love Retreat held in September 2015, sent us this beautiful po..." in Proteins for the Soul! ~ Vandanaa Neginhal

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Shamnad Basheer, a 39-year-old lawyer and professor is taking his dream of providing equal opportunity to the needy to a whole new level.
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We've held eight retreats in the last year, with some exciting possibilities that rippled out through each one. Like this one in March. For stories, photos and information on joining the new one, visit our retreat page.

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