Updates from the Moved By Love family | July 2014
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Experiencing God in fellow travelers, Sheetal Vaidya's updates from her Journey across the country continue - this time with updates from Pune, Kohlapur and Kundapur!
How does humanity hold itself together when we all meet in vulnerability and need? Siddharth reflects his learning from man and nature on a trek through the Kugti Pass.

Kishan brings Pradeep and Pyaar to us by sharing his heart warming interaction with Jayesh Bhai and Pradeep. 

'Spreading smiles in Rajkot'

On one of the hottest days a group of people went in the streets of Rajkot spreading smiles through random acts of kindness. 

'Buen Camino'

"Why are you doing the Camino?", They asked. "To open my heart". Madhusudan shares his heart as he continues to walk with love on Buen Camino - The Good Way.

'Walking with the Warkaris'

Sheetal and Vipul share with us their journey with the warkari pilgrims and the gifts they received on the way. They returned with tired bodies but a cleansed soul and joyful faces. 

'Bonding with hearts at Dharampur'

What happens when Shital aunty, Earthlings and 180 children come together? - Magic! Bonding with hearts through art and acts of kindness at Dharampur. 

'Tagged for Love'

Suman shares how a smile card sprinkled with love is leading to heart connections with complete strangers creating ripple of smile journey.
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Awakin Talk: Jayesh bhai Patel: "If you do it with your heart, all the work, whether sanitation or worship, is same" Jayesh bhai shares the roots of his service journey through the life of and interactions with his father, Ishwar bhai Patel

Articles: More than 1200 people sent out World Peace Prayers at the Santaram temple, Nadiad, in support of the Global Symphony of Peace Prayer event.  

Session: Drishti got a beautiful opportunity to be in an interactive Question and Answer session with his holiness The Dalai Lama. She shares parts of the session here.
"Water the roots and surrender the fruits."