Ravi Shankar: Prabhuji Daya Karo

I do not at all understand the mystery of Grace- only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us. ~Anne Lamott~

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Wondering what stops so many of us from letting go of controlling outcomes and enjoying the journey in the present moment instead. Why not let God slide over into the driver's seat and realize how close His presence has always been.

I am beginning to feel that God is always around us, surrounds us, envelopes us, is always Here, but I am not always present. In the rare instances that "I am home", His presence is all I experience. 

Remembering Kabir's beautiful lines along the theme

प्रेम गली अति संकरी, तामें दाऊ न समाई |
जब में था तब हरी नहीं, अब हरी है में नाहीं ||

Prem gali ati sankari, tamein dou na samai
Jab mein tha tab hari nahi, ab hari hai mein naahi

The street of Love is very narrow, two can’t pass through it at the same time. When I was there, Hari (God) was not. Now God is, andI am not

To attain true love, one has to give up his ego. When the ego disappears, God appears. So the devotee must give up his ego to realize God

Hope you enjoy this week's prayerful song by the legendary Ravi Shankar.


Prabhuji daya karo. Mana mein an baso. 
Tum bina lage suna. Khali ghut may prem bharo. 
Tantra Mantra Puja nahi jaanu. Mein to kavel thumko hee manu. 
Sare jug may dhundha thumko. Ab to aker banh dharo.


Divine being, have mercy on me. Come, reside in my heart.
Without you, I feel an emptiness. Fill up my hollow entity with love.
I don’t know the rituals, chants, and prayers. I just know that I believe in you.
I searched the whole world for you. Now, please come, take my hand and lead me.

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