"PanchShakti" Retreat: Dec 22-25, 2022

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

"Some people think they are in community, but they are only in proximity. True community requires commitment and openness. It is a willingness to extend yourself to encounter and know the other." --David Spangler

A piece of graphite and diamond are made of the same carbon atoms; the difference lies in how the atoms are arranged. Similarly, as we circulate our gifts in service to society, how must all of us come together to ignite a collective flow? In today's world of extreme polarization, how do we turn the tide towards deeper connection, collaboration, and co-creation?

Vinoba Bhave evoked the metaphor of "Panch-Shakti" -- a palm, where five fingers work together. What does it take for society's different sectors (education, business, nonprofit, government, community and media) to weave together, like a flock of starlings, and ignite a multiplier effect? If, as Einstein said, problems can't be solved at the level of consciousness that created them -- how do we step into a higher consciousness to effectively respond with compassion? What are the unexpected "black swan" events that we might not be seeing alone, that we can spot collectively? How, ultimately, might we go from building barriers to bridges?

Join us, for an inspiring 4-day retreat with heart-centered leaders and "ladders" inspired to hold uncommon questions across different sectors. Hosted in the Gandhian heartland, city of Ahmedabad, we invite you to co-create a sacred field of emergence!



In an increasingly volatile and complex world, we have many challenges and many solutions. Yet, we might benefit from zooming out and exploring patterns across different sectors. Could those patterns point us to an “elegant simplicity” on the other side of complexity? To live, lead and love fully and deeply in this context, and to catalyze a movement of the whole, we hope to dive into some nuanced design questions.

Simply put, we are a group of ordinary individuals, who come alive in doing small acts of kindness. Volunteers behind this particular retreat have hosted thousands of circles and hundreds of Moved by Love retreats; moreover, they have supported many ServiceSpace projects from Karuna News to Karma Kitchen.

  • Inspiring participants. Lots of great hearts are coming together!
  • Uncommon questions. For quick-fix, binary, either-or answers, we already have Google; we aim to hold questions to lean into its nuances first.
  • Noble Friendships. Our hope is to nurture a rich matrix of friendships among unlikely friends.
  • Gandhi. Being on sacred Gandhian land in Ahmedabad, we hope to tap into vast reservoir of inspiration and practicing Gandhians. (More: Standing Up)
  • Volunteer Run. It's run entirely by volunteers, so there's no solicitation, pitches, agendas. Just practice of love.

A beautiful and serene campus on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, the heartland of Gandhian revolution, will be our home for the retreat. Built by legendary social entrepreneur Ishwar Patel, the space is an architectural blend of activism, work for humanity, spirituality and modernism.

All Moved By Love retreats are offered as a no-strings-attached gift, made possible by gratitude offerings from past alumni. At the end of all retreats, everyone has an opportunity to keep the chain alive and pay it forward with money, time or other expressions of wealth -- for future guests.

Retreat begins at 4PM on 22nd December (Thursday). You can arrive earlier in the day or if you are arriving on 21st, just let us know. :)

Retreat ends at 4pm on 25th December (Sunday). Most participants will leave during the evening, but in case you need to stay back for the night, we will be happy to arrange that.

Through our time together, we will sit in circles to learn from each other’s experiments and challenges; hear and engage with some innovative speakers across sectors; engage in many group practices that nurture our collective inner transformation. Plenty of opportunities to engage the head, hands and of course the heart. Plus a few surprises!

Over last twelve years, thousands have joined from a wide-ranging backgrounds. Perhaps what brought them together was a simple organizing principle: We are not merely what we do, but who we become by what we do. If you resonate with the notion that inner change and outer change are intrixicably intertwined, and if you are moved to cultivate deep connections with kindred spirits, this retreat will likely speak to you! Beyond that, we'd recommend leaning in your heart's intuition -- more often than not, "heart knows today what the mind will know tomorrow." :)

To co-create our sacred field of emergence, do join us! To facilitate deeper connections, we limit the group size of our gatherings -- and give priority to project initiators who are anchoring local projects in their contexts. If you have any questions, please contact us anytime.



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